5 big talks about little things

(Video: IBM's YouTube channel)

Scientists at IBM have beautifully blended science and art by making a film out of carbon atoms. The film, titled “A Boy and His Atom,” took two painstaking weeks to put together, but the effort was worth it: Guinness World Records has officially proclaimed it the “smallest stop-motion film” in the world.

To celebrate, 5 TEDx Talks that show that good things come in small packages.

Nuclear musicians: Radioactive Orchestra at TEDxGöteborg
Why stop at making films out of atoms? At TEDxGöteborg, the Radioactive Orchestra makes a musical connection to the world of atoms by measuring the gamma radiation coming from electrons to produce sounds of varying pitches.

The performativity of matter: Zoe Laughlin at TEDxBrussels
At TEDxBrussels, Zoe Laughlin uses exciting materials such as aerogel — one of the lightest solid materials on Earth — invented by NASA to collect space dust to take art and nanotechnology even further.

Nanomaterials — the science of the small: Stefan Bon at TEDxWarwick
Stefan Bon explores the hype around all things “nano,” with some cool experiments thrown in for good measure at TEDxWarwick.

Material innovation now: Andrew Dent at TEDxGrandRapids
At TEDxGrandRapids, Andrew Dent sexes up material science and product design, explaining how tinkering with materials and their properties can create innovative material solutions.

Tools smaller than cells: Jennifer Campbell at TEDxQueensU
At TEDxQueensU, Jennifer Campbell brings us to the world of the nanoscale, looking at products smaller than a fraction of a millimeter and showcasing tools so small they are sensitive to individual molecules.

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