Bienvenidos al primer playlist de TEDx en español

¿Estás harto de ver talks en inglés? ¿O quizás estás aprendiendo castellano y quieres explorar sus variedades y las culturas que lo hablan?

Below we have lovingly compiled a selection of talks featuring both European and Latin American Spanish. Experience the Spanish language in its full glory. ¡Ándate!

TEACHERS: Have you considered making a lesson out of these talks? Check out these TED-Ed questions we whipped up for Manfred Meiners’ talk and find out how to make your own to complement your lessons.

La biodiversidad de México: Manfred Meiners at TEDxGuadalajara

At TEDxGuadalajara, Manfred Meiners tours the surprisingly cool flora and fauna in Mexico.

Hay pocas mujeres directivas porque hay pocos hombres cuidadores: José Andrés Fernández at TEDxGranViaWomen 2012

José Andrés Fernández explores gender equality in the workplace and expounds a thought-provoking hypothesis for it. Hint: gender equality starts in the home.

Amo mi celular y extraño mi notebook: Roberto Balaguer at TEDxMontevideo 2012

In this funny talk, Roberto Balaguer waxes lyrical on how technology is taking over our lives.

El color de nuestra deliberación: Juan Fernando Giraldo at TEDxTeusaquillo

At TEDxTeusaquillo, Juan Fernando Giraldo explores the Colombian identity and hints at what the future has in stall for the South American nation.

The mistake that helped discovery and saved lives: María Teresa Ruiz at TEDxSantiago
At TEDxSantiago, María Teresa Ruiz tells us about the power of mistakes, showing us some stunning images of our galaxy in the process. This is a good talks for both astronomy buffs and those who simply want to learn more about what’s out there in space.

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