6 talks on good design: TEDx honors the Global Public Interest Design 100 winners

Above, a static version of Public Interest Design’s Global 100 graphic. Head to PublicInterestDesign.org to play with the interactive version »

Public Interest Design is a movement that seeks to recognize and celebrate architects, designers, and planners who work for social good. This month, the organization released the Global Public Interest Design 100, cataloging 100 designers who are changing the lives of people in need.

Here at TEDx, we were pleased to find quite a few of our speakers among the honorees. Below, we highlight just a small sample of those speakers. Get ready for 6 talks about the power of design to create change in the world.

The next generation of global health: Barbara Bush at TEDxBrooklyn

As she finished up her college career, Barbara Bush, daughter of former president George W. Bush, saw an opportunity to make a mark in the world — by asking members of her generation to join her in changing the face of public health. At TEDxBrooklyn, she explains how she got here, and tells the stories of some of the designers and planners working for her organization, Global Health Corps.

From PID: Barbara Bush is co-founder and CEO of Global Health Corps, which places and engages fellows—like Rwandan architects Christian Benimana and Commode Dushimimana of MASS Design Group—in developing nations to work towards improving health outcomes for the poor.

Architects are useless for societies: Shigeru Ban at TEDxTokyo
Most architects spend their careers building beautiful buildings for wealthy people. But great architecture has the power to not only to rebuild, but to inspire needy communities. At TEDxTokyo, Shigeru Ban shares some examples of his work helping to rebuild areas ravaged by natural disasters.

From PID: Shigeru Ban is principal of Shigeru Ban Architects and founder of the Volunteer Architects Network (VAN), known for his innovative construction techniques with recycled cardboard paper tubes as rapid response housing for disaster victims.

An easier way to collect water: Cynthia Koenig at TEDxGateway
In many developing nations, women spend up to six hours a day collecting clean water, which often must be carried for long distances. To aid in this essential task, Cynthia Koenig and her colleagues designed the Wello water wheel, a durable rolling water tank that will help ease the pain of water collection for thousands of women around the world.

From PID: Cynthia Koenig is Founder & CEO of Wello, a social venture reframing the water crisis as an opportunity by redesigning and producing the WaterWheel as an income-generating tool to lift their families out of poverty.

Designing for the right problems: Allan Chochinov at TEDxArtCenterCollegeOfDesign
As the language of design continues to evolve, are designers failing to see the forest for the trees? Allan Chochinov showcases several examples of contemporary design and he reminds us that not all of our problems are in need of fixes.

From PID: Allan Chochinov is editor-in-chief of Core77.com, which frequently celebrates social impact design, particularly through its Core77 Design Awards program, as well as co-founder of the MFA in Product Design program at the School of Visual Arts.

The planet is changing. We need to adapt: Wolfram Putz at TEDxHamburg
Our planet is warming, the seas are rising, and natural disasters like hurricanes are becoming more frequent. Unfortunately, most human settlements are placed on coastlines and rivers — right in the path of danger. Wolfram Putz presents a sobering talk about how we can prepare for and recover from challenges on the horizon.

From PID: Wolfram Putz is a founding partner of GRAFT, a critical design and construction partner of Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation in New Orleans from its inception.

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