5 Talks in Russian: TEDx’s first Russian playlist!

With over 6,000 events (in over 100 countries and over 1,000 cities) having taken place since the TEDx program’s start in 2009, the TEDx community is truly global. And with a community like this, we at the TEDx blog have decided to try something new — weekly language playlists!

Уважаемые дамы и господа, встречайте первый плейлист выступлений TEDx на русском!

Do you speak Russian? Want to speak Russian? Curious about the language? Then you might enjoy this — our very first playlist of TEDx Talks in Russian.

Below, 5 TEDx Talks in Russian, from TEDx events all over the world, which will teach you all about how to be a good Internet citizen, the intricacies of architecture in Kazakhstan, and what it’s like to be a journalist in Kyrgyzstan.

TEACHERS: Did you know it’s possible to create a virtual lesson from a TEDx Talk? At TED-Ed you can quickly flip any of these talks. Check out these questions we whipped up for Elena Parfentseva’s talk and find out more about how to make your own TED-Ed lessons.

Internet citizenship: stopping bad guys?: Boris Shusterman at TEDxKharkov
At TEDxKharkov, Boris Shusterman explores politics and asks, “Who really controls the Internet?”

На TEDxKharkov, Борис Шустерман изучает политику и спрашивает: «Кто на самом деле контролирует интернет?»

Parts and prosthetics: Elena Parfentseva at TEDxYouth@Skolkovo
In this short and sweet talk from TEDxYouth@Skolkovo, Elena Parfentseva discusses prosthetics, medical advances and the importance of smiles.

В этом кратком и милом выступлении на TEDxYouth@Skolkovo, Елена Парфенцева рассматривает протезирование, достижения медицины и важность улыбки.

Interactive Museums in the context of contemporary life: Lubov’ Evtihova at TEDxTurgenevLibrary 
At TEDxTurgenevLibrary, Lubov’ Evtihova explains how she looks at museums as living organisms.

На TEDxTurgenevLibrary, Любовь Евтихова объясняет, как она рассматривает музеи как живые организмы.

The urban revolution in Kazakhstan: Aigul Zabirova at TEDxAlmaty
At TEDxAlmaty, Aigul Zabirova takes us through the history of architecture in Almaty, explaining how urban revolutions have shaped the city over the years.

На TEDxAlmaty, Айгуль Забирова показывает нам историю архитектуры Алма-Аты, объясняя, как городские революции изменили город с течением времени.

Kyrgyzstan is a best place for study journalism: Bektur Iskender at TEDxBishkek
At TEDxBishkek, Bektur Iskender talks about his experiences studying journalism in Kyrgyzstan.

На TEDxBishkek, Бектур Искендер рассказывает о своём опыте изучения журналистики в Киргизии.

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    Выступление Бориса Шустермана на TEDxKharkov 2013 на первом месте в плейлисте
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