Heads, shoulders, knees and toes: 10 TEDx Talks about the human body

The human body is a fascinating thing. To celebrate, 10 TEDx Talks showcasing the wonders of the body, with talks ranging from primers on face transplantation to the inner mechanisms of the ear explained through interpretive dance.

Building faces, rebuilding lives: Eduardo Rodriguez at TEDxBaltimore 2013 
In this gripping talk, at TEDxBaltimore 2013, Eduardo Rodriguez walks us through the world’s most extensive face transplant to date.

My little eye: Chris Hammond at TEDxKingsCollegeLondon

Did you know the amount of cataract you have is indicative of how well you’ll age? And that the size of your eye reflects the environment you’ve been exposed to and even your level of education? Studier of the eye Chris Hammond will tell you everything you wanted to know about eyes in this talk from TEDxKingsCollegeLondon.

Dance performance: Sound in Motion at TEDxNSU
Who says learning is all about books and classrooms? Learn about the ear in this highly informative interpretive dance performance at TEDxNSU.

Sense of smell: Vedat Ozan at TEDxSabanciUniversity

Learn new things you didn’t already nose about your sense of smell in this talk by Vedat Ozan at TEDxSabanciUniversity.

Deep brain stimulation: Xavier Vasques at TEDxMontpellier
At TEDxMontpellier, mathematician and neuroscientist Xavier Vasques takes us on a fun romp through your most vital body part — the brain. 

The tongue - a new human computer interface: Maysam Ghovanloo at TEDxPeachtree
In this short and sweet talk at TEDxPeachtree, Maysam Ghovanloo discusses tongue piercings for medical purposes and showcases his invention that allows paralyzed people to control wheelchairs only using the precision of their tongues.

The aesthetics of prosthetics: Kevin Connolly at TEDxBozeman
In this fun talk at TEDxBozeman, Kevin Connolly talks about how he designed his own prosthetics and then took up extreme sports in rural Montana.

Why spacesuit gloves hold the key to the future of humanity: Ted Southern at TEDxMidTownNY
When classical music major Ted Southern broke his hand, he was forced to turn his hand to studying design, eventually specializing in gloves for space travel. At TEDxMidTownNY, he discusses the role of hands in culture, the benefits of opposable thumbs and the importance of having good hand movement in space travel.

Human implants: from invasive to pervasive: Mark Gasson at TEDxGoodenoughCollege 
Now we have heard about parts of the body, but what about body parts of the future? At TEDxGoodenoughCollege Mark Gasson uses jaw-dropping video footage to explore what human implants can do for us, from alleviating Parkinson’s tremors to allowing us to communicate with computers through our nervous systems.

Re-designing and recycling human organs: Suchitra Sumatran-Holgersson at TEDxGöteborg
In this fascinating talk at TEDxGöteborg, Suchitra Sumatran-Holgersson uses real organs on stage to explain how organs can be grown using stem cells and even broaches the controversial field of animal to human organ donation. Warning: contains some medical images.

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