Happy Pride Month! 5 TEDx Talks about equality of all kinds

June is otherwise known as Pride Month, a time to celebrate both the struggles and victories on the road to equality. So it feels very fitting that today, June 26, on the final day of their term, the United States Supreme Court delivered a pair of rulings that bolster gay marriage. Today, explore this compilation of talks about issues at the heart of this civil rights battle. Get inspired by iO Tillett Wright’s reminder that there are many, many shades of gay, marvel at the science of political beliefs with David Pizzaro’s “The strange politics of disgust,” and take in Nadine Smith’s moving take on gay marriage in her talk at TEDxTampaBay.

Let each provocative and fascinating talk remind you of the progress already made in the fight for the equality and inspire hope for many more milestones to be reached.

LZ Granderson: The myth of the gay agenda
In this TEDxGrandRapids talk, LZ Granderson exposes the real “gay agenda”: freedom, equality and respect.

iO Tillett Wright: Fifty shades of gay
After an idyllic childhood in New York City, iO Tillet was surprised by the hate and closed-mindedness of the wider world. In her TEDxWomen talk, she shows how putting familiar face to the LGBT community can spark progressive conversation and, most important, empathy. Browse a gallery of photos from iO Tillet Wright »

David Pizzaro: The strange politics of disgust
David Pizzaro discovered that those who are more easily disgusted are more politically conservative. His TEDxEast talk gives new meaning to the term “Dirty Liberal.”

Alice Dreger: Is anatomy destiny?
Alice Dreger medically advocates for people with unique sexual biologies. In her TEDxNorthwesternU talk, she talks about ambiguity — and if we should let our anatomy determine our fate. Read the TED Blog’s Q&A with Alice Dreger »

Nadine Smith: My (gay) marriage in America
In this enlightening talk from TEDxTampaBay, Nadine Smith shares the story of her marriage to her wife and examines the legal inequalities concerning same sex couples in the U.S.

For more great talks, check out TED Blog’s spectacular round-up of talks for Pride Month, from which this list was adapted.

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