From helmets to handlebars: 5 TEDx Talks about bikes

Calling all cyclists! Hop off your fixies, your 10-speeds, mountain bikes, and high wheelers and come check out 5 great TEDx Talks about bicycles and bike culture.

Why bicycles don’t fall down: Arend Schwab at TEDxDelft
What keeps small, two-wheeled bicycles from toppling over as we coast down city streets? At TEDxDelft theoretical and applied mechanics professor Arend Schwab explains just what allows your bicycle to stay upright.

How to design a bicycle culture: Mikael Colville-Andersen at TEDxZurich
            “Well-designed bicycle infrastructure will seduce people to use it.”
For years, urban spaces have been engineered for cars. Now with more people opting to choose the bicycle as their main source of transportation, a re-design is in order, says designer Mikael Colville-Andersen. At TEDxZurich, he presents the case for designing cities for bikes.

The ballad of Tall Bike Bobby: Bobby Gadda at TEDxUCLA
Bobby Gadda, also known as “Tall Bike Bobby” traveled from Vancouver, Canada to Los Angeles, California solely via “tall bike,” an unusually tall bicycle that kept him hoisted 10 feet into the air. At TEDxUCLA he tells his story and explains how to take your own tall bike tour.How to build a better block: Jason Roberts at TEDxOU
Jason Roberts has taken on some wild projects to make his community a better place to live, from inviting friends to paint their own bike lanes to hosting impromptu parties. At TEDxOU, he describes some of these projects and tells how his city became a more bike, person, pedestrian, and even puppy-friendly place.

Here lies a dead bike: James Walker at TEDxRVA
When James Walker moved to Richmond, VA, he noticed an unusual trend: abandoned bike skeletons chained to trees and poles all over the city. In reaction, he created art — shrouding these frames in black fabric that says, “Here lies a dead bike.” At TEDxRVA, he talks about the project and explains how art can bring awareness to different social issues.

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