TEDx Antananarivo organizers (thanks to Harinjaka Andriankoto Ratozamanana, TED Fellow!) have put together an AMAZING list of speakers. The focus this year is on renewable energy, sustainable development, micro-enterprise, and environment. Attendees will have a unique opportunity to hear hundreds of ‘ideas worth spreading’  from inventors, innovators, environmentalists, artists, musicians and agents of social change:

Jenny Raharivola (Activist/Composer)

Rabary Desiré ( Founder, Réserve Naturelle Antanetiambo)

Adrian Mol ( Co-founder, Bushproof)

Tiana Ramahaleo (Environmentalist,  WWF)

Miora Rajaonary (PAPMAD)

Alice Plane (Ashoka France)

Anja Besson (Designer)

Andrew Tanswell (Co-founder, ToughStuff)

Mandrantoso Ndrianiana (Founder, Jojopil Innovation)

Audrey de Fondaumière (Co-founder, Youtaa)

Erik Hersman (Whiteafrican / Afrigadget)

Bienvenu Rajaonson (World Bank)

Jean Emilien Rakotonandrasa (Musician)