Committing to an “Idea Worth Doing” at TEDxChange @ TEDxKibera

TEDxChange @ TEDxKibera was a TEDx event in Kibera, Kenya.

A collaboration to bring the ideas of TEDxChange to TEDxKibera, the event explored the dynamism and potential of the Kibera community. Attendees heard short talks from the people of Kibera, as well as Melinda Gates. 

After the talks, followed an open discussion about what to do, individually and collectively, to highlight the important successes in communities like Kibera, and ideas on how to inspire further work.

Attendees were encouraged to write down and commit to one of these “Ideas Worth Doing” on a large marker board, set up in the space. Some ideas:

“Cover more stories of progress/success in health and development” - Julie Gichuru

“Run a soccer academy in Kibera” — Reagan Onyango

“Sometimes solutions are simple and don’t require money or technology but it’s the info/knowledge that’s missing. Media can give info. I commit to working with journalists to do that.” — Ida Joost, Internews

“Strive to give Kibera a positive image to the world” — Douglas Namale, founder, Community Media—Kibera

“Do more TEDx’s! Work on and build on my project ABC, that raises books for needy schools” — Tabitha Tongoi 

“Organize events that will create awareness in the young people to be independent of their own in life.” — Martyn

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