Getting ready for TEDxIkeja

Hello! The TEDxIkeja is moving really fast. The team has been getting really impressive feedback on this project, especially from a lot of people who have written, BBMed, tweeted, and called to tell us they’d love to be part of it. Thanks a million, guys!

So we’ll be giving you regular updates on this one-of-a-kind event, which we are sure will spark an economic renaissance in our country.

Let’s also inform you that our web domain has been secured @ and it will be up in the next three weeks. We will be accepting applications for invitations on the site. Remember, seats are limited -just 100 of them - so share the info so every start-up owner, aspiring entrepreneurs and self employed professional will get the gist.

We have about five months to prepare for this event. In due course we will unveil the speakers. So keep watching this channel.

Written by Samson Adeoye, Event Organizer

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