TEDx South Korea Organizers Workshop

South Korea is one of the most active TEDx communities —  70+ events have waved throughout the country since its first event taking place in last 2009 June.

On May 22, the second TEDx Organizers Workshop in South Korea took place in Seoul. And in this particular workshop, approximately 40 TEDx Organizers all across the country gathered to share their thoughts and ideas. While the first workshop in last February this year had focused on building mutual relationships and trust, meeting fellow TEDx’ers face to face, this time it was more about drawing the picture of collective future that we seek to create as Korean TEDx community.

TEDxSejongU presenting

The program for the day was made up of three different sessions. In the first session, licensees from 15 different TEDx events introduced their own event in 3 minutes. 

Lara giving presentation

In the second session, Lara Stein, Licensing Director of TED, gave a detailed presentation on rules and guidelines and on the TEDx spirit. It was short, yet extremely helpful, because it was actually the first physical contact between TED and TEDx’ers in South Korea. She has not only reassured the community that her TEDx team is open to any questions and feedback, but also made clear that it is TEDx’s vision that each and every one of TEDx event should collaborate with each other, trying to solve their own local problems. Lots of ambiguous questions were as well made clear for everybody who attended the workshop in following Q&A session.

The last session was group discussion, where 40 participants were grouped into 8 different tables and discussed three important questions inspired by Simon Sinek’s TEDTalk, as collective TEDx community:

  1. Why we do TEDx?
  2. What’s our vision? Where should we go?
  3. What we should do to go in that direction? What’s the exact things that we ought to act upon?

Participants were supposed to switch their table seven times every ten minutes so that they can visit all tables, and what’s been discussed among other people who’ve been on that table previously. Popping around tables during the session, participants naturally realized that there’s a lot in common in the way that why we do TEDx, how we do and what kind of future we want to create.

"It was such a great and excited moment with other TEDx Organizers in Korea! I was very impressed by their passion and vision. Through these coordination with all TEDx Organizers, I hope we would have opportunities to make our society and world better!" - Jooyong Moon of TEDxSinchon

"It’s hard to describe this wonderful experience in only 50 words, but I thought this was the pivotal point for organizers to come together and improve TEDx organizations in Korea. We came up with specific goals and plans, while we also had fun. I really enjoyed this experience and would love to do it again. " - Minae Kwon of TEDxYouthSeoul

"TEDx Organizers Workshop Korea was totally amazing experience for me to share the idea of "Ideas Worth Spreading"". - Youngjae Lee of TEDxBundang

"Every time I meet TEDx’ers, I got inspired so much! :-) It was an awesome experience to share passions and ideas about TED and TEDx events with other licensees. Lara’s coming to South Korea was also great! We’ve got clear answers/comments while communicating with her face to face." - Jihye Kang of TEDxEwha

TED is a such a potent tool to catalyze social changes, big and small, in local communities. It is already bringing impacts here and there, calling for brilliant hearts and minds around the magnet of TEDx in all places.

Margaret Mead once said: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” It was such a short but intense gathering in which we realized the potential power of TEDx community where each and every single member of the community is so motivated to make meaningful impact in society. In unity we can make better future!

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