TEDxLive in Seoul, South Korea

South Korea is an amazing country, with a population of around 48 million.

There are around 50 TEDx events in South Korea, which means that there is a TEDx event for at least every million people! (Japan and China have 13 and 37 each respectively.)

For TED 2011, TEDx Organizers in South Korea could host TEDxLive events — a simulcast event showing TED 2011, live from Long Beach, California.

I came to know about TEDxSeochoLive event through David Choo, one of the event’s organizers. Being a big TED fan, I felt enthusiastic to know about this event happening in Seoul. I decided to attend this event, even though it started at 1am in the morning.

Although the next day was a working day, many people showed up which depicts their love and zeal for TED.

I reached the venue around 10:15pm, three hours earlier than the actual start. I was warmly welcomed and greeted by all the TEDxSeocho organizers, which was moment of rejoice for me.

The architecture of the Club 500 — the event’s venue — resembles the old style houses in Pakistan. It was made of clay with big pillars in between. In contrast to Korean traditional houses, its roof was at reasonable height from ground.

The TED stream began at 1:00am Korea time from a NASA space shuttle. It was the best start of a show I have ever seen!

There are few great speakers lined up for that day — many people were interested the session where Bill Gates was the guest curator. The successive sessions were separated with an hour break — it was a good opportunity to take nap!


At 5am, everybody was still excited.

I enjoyed the talks from Deb Roy, Bill Ford, Indra Nooyi ,Amina az-Zubair and Salman Khan.

I would say “thumbs up” to the TEDxSeocho Organizers —

In between session breaks, we enjoyed a “cake” celebration, which ignited new passion to listen rest of the Talks. The event was schedule to last till 11:45am, but many people had to leave earlier for either for work or school.

Fortunately this was not the end; we look forward to show simulcast of TEDGlobal in July 2011. This time it is under a different TEDx name — TEDxItaewon.

Written by Hassan Abid, PR Manager, TEDxItaewon.

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