The birth of TEDxReghin

We are very happy to announce that another TEDx event is taking place in Romania in the idyllic land of Reghin — TEDxReghin.

How did it all start?

You know that we (TEDxTimisoara) have a true passion for spreading ideas, for TED and for the TEDx community.

Our founder — Vlad Fiscutean — started to empower local leaders in different cities of our country to organize their own local TEDx events. The first breakthrough happened in April 2011 after more then one year of meetings and discussions with local leaders. A new TEDx event was born in the idylic land of Reghin — internationally known as “The City of Violins”.

Why Reghin?

Because it’s a city with a very active community of people. It’s known worldwide for it’s amazing hand-crafted violins. It’s the kind of place that many would love to see and would fall in love with. It’s the place where art meets modern science. One of the very last places on earth where you can still find luthiers even today that combine the old art of making string instruments with the advantages of modern science.

Reghin is a city and municipality in Mureş county in Romania, on the Mureş River in Transylvania. It is the place of origin of the Sasregen Hasidic Jewish dynasty. It has a population of approximately 35,700. Reghin was first mentioned in 1228 in a charter of Hungarian King Andrew II as Regun – however, evidence of its strategic location and defence system suggests that the town might have been considerably older.

Behind TEDxReghin is a local team of amazing people and local leaders including Organizer Sorin Suciu and Klaus Birthler.

TEDx Timişoara will remain involved in the event by supporting the community and sharing logistic resources, advice and know-how. This bridge between the Banat region and Transylvania is full of opportunities!

Written by TEDxTimisoara team

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