TEDx Southern Cone Organizers Workshop, a recap
May 15, 2011,  Palermo neighborhood, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
It is a chilling Sunday morning, and a few minutes after 9 am people start arriving to AreaTres, a co-working space we saw fit for the kind of meeting that is about to take place.
23 TEDx organizers from Argentina, Chile and Uruguay are getting together to share their experience, knowledge, best practices and hopes of what an amazing TEDx should be.
Atmosphere is relaxed, and everybody looks sleepy during breakfast. Most of us don’t know each other, so as soon as caffeine kicks in we start to play a game:  we form groups of 3 - 4 people and in less than 10 minutes, we have to tell our team-mates what makes us famous, what’s the most unusual fact about us. We are amazed at some of the weird skills of other TEDx Organizers. After time’s up we get back all together and share with the other groups what we’ve just heard.
The atmosphere is now filled with good vibes and cheerfulness and we are ready to focus on what has brought us together this day: ideas worth spreading! So we get on with it. We split in groups again but this time to talk about common issues affecting sponsorship, speakers, communication and logistic of our TEDx events. The group dynamics is very fast paced and we find ourselves not only jumping from one topic to another, but also moving physically from one corner of the room to another. Still, we have plenty of time to discuss each of them, and after a couple of hours of sharing our thoughts we come up with many exciting new ideas.
It is time for a recess now and, as we are well past mid day, the sandwiches on the lunch table disappear in a blink of an eye as the horde of energy-requiring TEDx’ers discover them!
Finally, after dessert, we get back together to share our conclusions. Each team has to act out, in a funny way, the 3 ideas they liked the most. Everybody discusses, listens, suggests, and we all have some laughs.
So, after more than 6 hours of work/play we have come up with a dozen of great ideas and solutions to our problems, we have committed to perform actions to further increase the size of the TED community in our region, we have identified possible joint activities to improve the outcome of our TEDx events, but mainly, after this day, we have discovered that we all were … friends worth making!
Written by Julian Dominguez of TEDxRosario, Javier Yunes  of TEDxRosario and Gerry Garbulsky  of TEDxRiodelaPlata and TEDxRosario.

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