TEDGlobal in Aveiro, Portugal: How to learn about “The Stuff of Life” in shade

Smart or not that much, but one of TEDxAveiro team’s characteristics is not to do things the easiest way. That’s how we decided not just to have a live transmission of TED Global conference, but to put it in a wider context, together with other TED-related contents.

Certainly TED is inspiring itself, seen on a little screen, in a bar, at home or wherever else, but, having predicted clear skies and bright Sun for the 13th of July, we decided to make it in the open space. Is there a better place to discover “The Stuff of Life” than in nature? So, park it was!

Aveiro is a small city of 70,000 people and much bigger cities could be proud of the park that we have. Little lakes, willow trees, cut grass, sport courts… And even the most needed element for this occasion: the giant screen!

So, we decided to start with the second session of the day, around 10:45, and already then, around 30 people were in the park with us. Some brought blankets, some even chairs, and everyone brought – a good spirit!

Besides the transmission, the Final Fair of the Project “Professional School of Aveiro makes pupils become entrepreneurs” was going on, so youngsters were, while seeing TEDTalks, having their opportunity to show what they have learnt about entrepreneurism all year long. 

During the breaks, the workshops of beat-box were going on; kids were singing and playing music.

Next to them, there was a touch of science – something that is, in our opinion, a must at any TED-related event! Our partners since the first steps of TEDxAveiro “The Live Science Factory” were doing demonstrations of robots that they constructed. Little puppy and a dragon immediately attracted attention of everyone! For the part of entertainment, we had a few guests. There was a DJ, saxophones quartet playing around the park, and our speaker from TEDxAveiro 2011, Michael Bradke, who produces music in some of the most unusual ways! This time, he installed his giant xylophone made of different materials, and one more time showed us that there are no tone deft people…

All this perfectly fit into the spirit of TED. Even seen on a big screen, TEDGlobal was a real blast. Mikko Hypponen, Pamela Meyer, Marco Tempest and others proved one more time the capacity of TED to inspire, teach, surprise, intrigue… And that is why we love it.

So, thanks, TED, for this opportunity to watch the conference, at least from distance. Thanks for always making our brains work more and better.

Written by Natasa Golosin

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