Why you need to make your own Oscar statuette:

1. To pretend you’re Jennifer Lawrence (with or without the cute fall)

2. To convince your parents moving to LA to pursue acting was worthwhile

3. ‘Cause it’s fancy and why not?! 

4. You have access to a 3D printer.

5. All of the above. Find out how to 3D print your own here: http://youtu.be/gOB6YtuLKGI

What to do before (or after) you give your fake acceptance speech in the mirror: Watch our playlist of great talks on 3D printing.

Skylar Tibbits makes things that make themselves.

In this new video — part of a series chronicling the day-to-day adventures of TED Fellows — TED Fellow Tibbits reveals some of the mesmerizing, wacky, and revolutionary materials coming out of MIT’s Self-Assembly Lab, where his team prints objects with “memory” that dynamically respond to stimulation.

Think: a printed cube that folds before your eyes, or a printed pipe able to sense the need to expand or contract.

Recently, the Self-Assembly Lab has produced some delightfully brainy creations, like a strand of material that folds itself into any number of Crambin protein structures when thrown into the air. (Crambin proteins, if you didn’t know, are seed storage proteins for a type of cabbage. But you already knew that, didn’t you?)

Watch the whole video here»