Above, snapshots from TEDxLaCalera, an event in La Calera, a small farming community in rural Colombia.

Despite massive farmer strikes in Colombia, with tens of thousands of farmers, students, coffee workers, miners, and others protesting the government’s treatment of agrarian economic issues, TEDxLaCalera brought together a small farmer community for a day of inspiration and new ideas.

"One day before the event all roads had blockages including fires [and] rocks,” wrote one attendee. “The day of the event, the roads opened, and we could travel to La Calera! During this troubled [time], events like a [TEDx] are extremely important. New ideas, inspiration, networks and actions are hugely in need for a new rural order to be established … New possibilities and innovation have to be built at the countryside. Open spaces to plant ideas, in order to harvest transformation.”

Una playlist de TEDx en español: 5 talks in Spanish

¡Hola! Happy Monday! To start the week off right, we’re bringing you 5 TEDx Talks in Spanish from speakers from all over the world. From a talk discussing the difficulties of living under the shadow of famous drug lord father to another explaining the realities of being a transgendered woman in Colombia, we have 5 talks that will truly give you a wider view of the world.

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Cosechando el futuro: Gabriel Salazar at TEDxGuatemalaCity
In order to combat potential health and environmental hazards caused by disposable plastic cups, Gabriel Salazar created an alternative: a cup made of 100% organic material. In this talk at TEDxGuatemalaCity, he explains why he said no to plastic.

A fin de combatir los peligros potenciales para la salud y el medio ambiente causados  por los vasos de plástico desechables, Gabriel Salazar creó una alternativa: una taza hecha 100% de material orgánico. En esta charla de TEDxGuatemalaCity explica por qué dijo no al plástico.

Pecados de mi padre: Sebastián Marroquín at TEDxDF
Sebastián Marroquín is the son of arguably the world’s most famous drug baron — Pablo Escobar. At TEDxDF, he talks about what it was like growing up with a narcotrafficker as a father.

Sebastián Marroquín es hijo de, posiblemente, el capo de la droga más famoso del mundo: Pablo Escobar. En TEDxDF habla de lo que supuso crecer con un padre narcotraficante.

Inventing the body: Brigitte Baptiste at TEDxTeusaquillo
In this moving talk at TEDxTeusaquillo, Brigitte Baptiste — one of Latin America’s leading biologists — talks about her experiences as a transgendered woman in Colombia, and how she has built the body that truly corresponds with how she feels inside.

En esta charla conmovedora de TEDxTeusaquillo, Brigitte Baptiste —una de las principales biólogas de América latina— habla de sus experiencias como mujer transgénero en Colombia, y de cómo ha construido el cuerpo que corresponde realmente con lo que siente en su interior.

Vendedores de ilusiones: Lisandro Carnielli at TEDxRosario 2012 
Can you trust your brain? Perhaps not as much as you’d think. Prepare to have it put to the test in Lisandro Carnielli’s mind-bending talk at TEDxRosario.

¿Puedes confiar en tu cerebro? Tal vez no tanto como podría pensarse. Prepárate para ponerlo a prueba en esta charla alucinante de Lisandro Carnielli en TEDxRosario.

La belleza de la creación individual: Javier Cañada at TEDxValladolid
At TEDxValladolid, product designer Javier Cañada explores the universal aspects of beauty and how to create lasting designs that appeal to people the world over.

En TEDxValladolid, el diseñador de productos Javier Cañada explora los aspectos universales de la belleza y la forma de crear diseños duraderos que sean del agrado de las personas en todo el mundo.

Bienvenidos al primer playlist de TEDx en español

¿Estás harto de ver talks en inglés? ¿O quizás estás aprendiendo castellano y quieres explorar sus variedades y las culturas que lo hablan?

Below we have lovingly compiled a selection of talks featuring both European and Latin American Spanish. Experience the Spanish language in its full glory. ¡Ándate!

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La biodiversidad de México: Manfred Meiners at TEDxGuadalajara

At TEDxGuadalajara, Manfred Meiners tours the surprisingly cool flora and fauna in Mexico.

Hay pocas mujeres directivas porque hay pocos hombres cuidadores: José Andrés Fernández at TEDxGranViaWomen 2012

José Andrés Fernández explores gender equality in the workplace and expounds a thought-provoking hypothesis for it. Hint: gender equality starts in the home.

Amo mi celular y extraño mi notebook: Roberto Balaguer at TEDxMontevideo 2012

In this funny talk, Roberto Balaguer waxes lyrical on how technology is taking over our lives.

El color de nuestra deliberación: Juan Fernando Giraldo at TEDxTeusaquillo

At TEDxTeusaquillo, Juan Fernando Giraldo explores the Colombian identity and hints at what the future has in stall for the South American nation.

The mistake that helped discovery and saved lives: María Teresa Ruiz at TEDxSantiago
At TEDxSantiago, María Teresa Ruiz tells us about the power of mistakes, showing us some stunning images of our galaxy in the process. This is a good talks for both astronomy buffs and those who simply want to learn more about what’s out there in space.