Una playlist de TEDx en español: 4 talks in Spanish

Looking for brilliant TEDx talks in Spanish? You’re in luck! We’re here with a new playlist, featuring some of our best Spanish-language talks.

¿Buscando brillantes charlas TEDx que estén en español? ¡Estás de suerte! Estamos aquí con una nueva lista de reproducción, con algunos de nuestras mejores charlas en español.

Below, four talks that range from women’s rights in the Indigenous communities of Ecuador to a study of teleportation, with a couple of other gems thrown in for good measure. Enjoy!

A continuación, cuatro charlas que van desde los derechos de las mujeres en las comunidades indígenas de Ecuador, pasando por un estudio de teletransportación, hasta un par de otras joyas adicionales. ¡A disfrutar!

De última hora: Glenda Umaña at TEDxPuraVida 2013
After 15 years at CNN, Glenda Umaña has proven to be an outstanding news anchor. At TEDxPuraVida, she shares her experiences of being a “tica” in journalism and what steps she took to get started on her career.

Después de 15 años en CNN, Glenda Umaña ha demostrado ser una destacada presentadora de noticias. En TEDxPuraVida, comparte sus experiencias como “tica” en el periodismo y los pasos que dio para empezar a trabajar en su carrera.

Un paso más hacia la teletransportación: Carles Ribot at TEDxBarcelona
Teleportation fascinates scientists and non-academics alike. In this fun talk at TEDxBarcelona, Carles Ribot discusses how advances in technology and media have made it much easier to be transported — albeit not exactly physically — than ever before.

La teletransportación fascina a científicos y los no científicos por igual. En esta divertida charla en TEDxBarcelona, Carles Ribot discute cómo los avances en tecnología y medios han hecho que transportarse sea mucho más fácil que nunca antes, aunque no sea exactamente en forma física.

Collages cartográficos: Pablo Mateos at TEDxGuadalajara
Fancy yourself a cartophile? Indulge your inner traveler with Pablo Mateos at TEDxGuadalajara in this lively romp through the history of maps.

¿Te sientes cartófilo? Complace a tu viajero interior y deja que Pablo Mateos en TEDxGuadalajara te guie en un animado paseo por la historia de los mapas.

Leaving a mark on the communities of the Ecuadorian Amazon: Narcisa Mashienta at TEDxQuito
At TEDxQuito, Narcisa Mashienta discusses what it’s like to be a woman in the Indigenous communities of Ecuador, as well as the work she’s done to improve birthing conditions and empower women in these areas.

En TEDxQuito, Narcisa Mashienta discute qué es ser mujer en las comunidades indígenas de Ecuador, así como el trabajo que ha hecho para mejorar las condiciones del parto y darle poder las mujeres de estas áreas.

Translator: Sebastian Betti
Reviewer: Francisco Gnecco

From a treehouse to a Titanic replica: The best TEDx venues

From the TED Blog’s week-long celebration of TEDx:

Now 5,000+ events and 20,000+ talks strong, TEDx’s “x” has made its way to some marvelously unexpected places. From the staircase of a full-size reproduction of the Titanic to a base camp in Antarctica, TEDx venues are far from ordinary. Below, nine of our favorite venues from TEDx events past.

What would a great wonder of the world be without a TEDx? At TEDxGreatWall in 2011, TEDx’ers took over the Jinshanling section of the Chinese landmark, marking this historic landscape with ideas worth spreading.

Looking like a cross between a UFO and an amusement park ride, TEDxBrainport’s venue might have had its audience thinking “aliens” at first. Located in the tech-savvy Brainport Eindhoven region of The Netherlands, TEDxBrainport’s former science museum locale easily set the scene for visions of the future.

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TEDxCuria is a TEDx in a Box event, the first in Ecuador, organized for children in Curia, a very small underprivileged coastal community.

Children heard an inspirational talk by Andres Fernandez — a six time national surf champion — on how to pursue their dreams and never stop believing they can do anything they put their mind to. This after watching a video of Derek Sivers’ talk on how to start a movement. 

The event ended with a video of Dianna Cohen’s talk on plastic pollution prevention. 

The event was held on the beach, with videos projected on a large screen that the community built through donations by Granito de Arena, a local non-profit engaged in social development in coastal areas of Ecuador through surfing.

Written by Veronica Reed, TEDxCuria Organizer