Designing the city of the future: 5 more great TEDxCity2.0 posters

TEDxCity2.0 day is today! All over the world, TEDxCity2.0 events are re-imagining the cities we live in and dreaming solutions for the cities of the future alongside TEDCity2.0 in New York. 

Before the event, TED challenged organizers to remix the official TEDCity2.0 posters (made by design firm Kiss Me I’m Polish) to give them some local flavor — with really impressive results. 

Below, five more stand-out posters from these events:

1. TEDxSkolkovo, Moscow, Skolkovo, Russia
imageAndrey Egorov, organizer:
The skyscrapers represent new Moscow — Skolkovo has already become a part of Moscow — [while] the monument Rabochiy i Kolkhoznitsa is a part of Moscow’s past, representing the ideals of development. It was built for the 1937 World’s Fair in Paris.

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Happy birthday, Erwin Schrödinger! Two TEDx Talks to celebrate the physicist behind the famous cat

imageErwin Schrödinger (Photo: National Geographic / Science Source)

Erwin Rudolf Josef Alexander Schrödinger, the physicist with a long name and an even longer(-lasting) impact on the field of quantum physics would have been 126 years old today. To celebrate the creator of the famed Schrödinger’s cat paraodox (which National Geographic explains wonderfully here), we’ve hand-picked a few TEDx Talks for the physicist in everyone.

Quantum certainty for the uncertain: Jacob Biamonte at TEDxCrocettaSalon
Leader of the Quantum Physics Research Division at the ISI Foundation in Turin, Italy, Jacob Biamonte shows how the Schrödinger's cat paradox helps to explain how quantum physics interferes in our lives and how we can observe it.

The curiosity of quantum mechanics: Raymond Laflamme at TEDxWaterloo
At TEDxWaterloo, physicist Raymond Laflamme — one of those responsible for changing Stephen Hawking’s mind on the reversal of the direction of time in a contracting universe — gives the audience a crash course on quantum mechanics and ponders just what practical solutions quantum technology could provide a rapidly-advancing world.

Bonus — Camero Cat at TEDxKraków
Though not physicists (as far as we know), Camero Cat is well worth your time. Sounding like a mix of Gogol Bordello, The Decemberists, and Beirut, this “alternative pop opera” group from Kraków puts on a great show at TEDxKraków.

Una playlist di TEDx in italiano: 5 talks in Italian

Ciao a tutti! Below, a selection of talks in Italian from our favorite boot-shaped country. From media legend Fabio Volo’s advice for living a great life to a philosophical exploration of forgiveness, there is something in here for everyone interested in Italian culture. Enjoy!

TEACHERS: Did you know it’s possible to create a virtual lesson from a TEDx Talk? At TED-Ed you can quickly flip any of these talks. Check out these questions we whipped up for Lorenzo Jovanotti Cherubini’s talk and find out more about how to make your own TED-Ed lessons.

Creare un futuro inedito: Fabio Volo at TEDxFirenze 
Writer, actor, radio and TV presenter — is there anything Fabio Volo can’t do?! Join him as he discusses what it takes to make the life you lead extraordinary at TEDxFirenze.

Scrittore, attore, conduttore radiofonico e televisivo. C’è qualcosa che Fabio Volo non sa fare? Unitevi a lui mentre discute a TEDxFirenze di quello che ci vuole per rendere la vostra vita straordinaria.

The new Noah’s Ark: Lino Loi at TEDxLakeComo 
In this fascinating talk at TEDxLakeComo, Lino Loi explores pushing the boundaries of science by resurrecting species in danger of extinction by injecting freeze-dried cells into ovule cells of mammals.

In questo appassionante discorso a TEDxLakeComo, Lino Loi esplora lo spostamento dei confini della scienza nel riportare in vita specie in pericolo di estinzione, iniettando cellule liofilizzate in cellule di ovuli di mammiferi.

Regole e perdono: Gherardo Colombo at TEDxNavigli
Gherardo Colombo, one of Italy’s former top public prosecutors, talks about law and forgiveness in the context of greater society in this thought-provoking talk at TEDxNavigli. (Filmed in Italian with subtitles in Italian and English.)

Gherardo Colombo, uno dei più importanti ex magistrati italiani, parla di legge e perdono nella società nel suo complesso in questo discorso stimolante a TEDxNavigli. (Filmato in italiano con sottotitoli in italiano e in inglese).

The fall: Diogo Mainardi at TEDxTrieste
In this uplifting talk at TEDxTrieste, Diogo Mainardi (alongside his adorable son Tito) talks about his experience of having a child with cerebral palsy, explaining how it has taught him to look at life in a new way.

In questo discorso edificante a TEDxTrieste, Diogo Mainardi (insieme all’adorabile figlio Tito) parla dell’esperienza di avere un figlio con paralisi cerebrale, spiegando come gli abbia insegnato a guardare il mondo in modo diverso.

From the Last Supper to advertising: Giovanni Morale at TEDxMilano
At TEDxMilano art historian Giovanni Morale uses some of Italy’s classic masterpieces to discuss the role of art today in advertising and marketing.

A TEDxMilano lo storico dell’arte Giovanni Morale usa dei capolavori italiani per discutere dell’attuale ruolo dell’arte nella pubblicità e nel marketing.