Benvenuti nella prima playlist di TEDx in italiano: 5 talks in Italian

With over 6,000 events (in over 100 countries and over 1,000 cities) having taken place since the TEDx program’s start in 2009, the TEDx community is truly global. And with a community like this, we at the TEDx blog have decided to try something new — language playlists!

Do you speak Italian? Want to speak Italian? Curious about the language? Then you might enjoy this — our very first playlist of TEDx Talks in Italian.

Siete stanchi di guardare Talks in inglese? Buone Notizie - ora potete guardare Talks in italiano! Con TEDx, la vita è bella.

Our first playlist comes from TEDxBologna organizer Andrea Pauri, who picked 5 of his favorite talks from TEDx events in Italy.

TEACHERS: Did you know it’s possible to create a virtual lesson from a TEDx Talk? At TED-Ed you can quickly flip any of these talks. Check out these questions we whipped up for Lorenzo Jovanotti Cherubini’s talk and find out more about how to make your own TED-Ed lessons.

L’ottimismo come forma di lotta: Lorenzo Jovanotti Cherubini at TEDxFirenze
Well-known musician Lorenzo Jovanotti has been using TED talks to practice his English for years. However, in his own talk at TEDxFirenze, he steps away from the language learning to explore how different forms of optimism, like the mysterious “Bruce Lee effect” can motivate people to reach their goals.

Il noto musicista Lorenzo Jovanotti ha utilizzato per anni i TEDTalks per esercitare il suo inglese. Tuttavia, nel suo discorso a TEDxFirenze, passa dallo studio dell’apprendimento delle lingue allo studio delle diverse forme di ottimismo, come il misterioso “effetto Bruce Lee” che può motivare le persone a raggiungere i loro obiettivi.

Matematica: che forza, che bellezza!: Piergiorgio Odifreddi at TEDxPordenone
How beautiful can math be? According to Galileo, nature is a great book written in mathematical language. With this in mind, scholar and journalist Piergiorgio Odifreddi tells us three stories about how mathematics explains reality at TEDxPordenone.

Quanto può essere bella la matematica? Secondo Galileo, la natura è un grande libro scritto in linguaggio matematico. Con questo approccio, il giornalista Piergiorgio Odifreddi, racconta tre storie su come la matematica spiega la realtà in TEDxPordenone.

Una moneta a misura d’uomo: Lisa Bortolotti at TEDxBologna
At TEDxBologna, Lisa Bortolotti argues that the best way to improve Italy’s economy is to start rebuilding communities. (Filmed in Italian with subtitles in Italian, English and Dutch.)

A TEDxBologna, Lisa Bortolotti sostiene che il modo migliore per migliorare l’economia in Italia è quello di iniziare a ricostruire le comunità. (Video in italiano con sottotitoli in italiano, inglese e olandese.)

Tutto quel che sapete sul cibo è falso: Sara Farnetti at TEDxReggioEmilia
In this provocative talk at TEDxReggioEmilia, nutritionist Sara Farnetti dispels some deeply-rooted misconceptions about food.

In questo discorso provocatorio, la nutrizionista Sara Farnetti sfata alcuni malintesi profondamente radicati sul cibo.

E-cat e la fusione nucleare fredda con il Nichel e l’Idrogeno: Sergio Focardi at TEDxBologna
At TEDxBologna, Sergio Focardi, professor emeritus in physics at the University of Bologna, takes us on a journey towards the creation of the E-Cat, the first machine that produces electricity using cold fusion. (Filmed in Italian with subtitles in English, Italian and Mandarin Chinese.)

A TEDxBologna, Sergio Focardi, professore emerito di fisica presso l’Università di Bologna, ci accompagna in un viaggio verso la creazione della E-Cat, la prima macchina che produce energia elettrica utilizzando la fusione fredda. (Video in italiano con sottotitoli in inglese, italiano e cinese mandarino.)

From a treehouse to a Titanic replica: The best TEDx venues

From the TED Blog’s week-long celebration of TEDx:

Now 5,000+ events and 20,000+ talks strong, TEDx’s “x” has made its way to some marvelously unexpected places. From the staircase of a full-size reproduction of the Titanic to a base camp in Antarctica, TEDx venues are far from ordinary. Below, nine of our favorite venues from TEDx events past.

What would a great wonder of the world be without a TEDx? At TEDxGreatWall in 2011, TEDx’ers took over the Jinshanling section of the Chinese landmark, marking this historic landscape with ideas worth spreading.

Looking like a cross between a UFO and an amusement park ride, TEDxBrainport’s venue might have had its audience thinking “aliens” at first. Located in the tech-savvy Brainport Eindhoven region of The Netherlands, TEDxBrainport’s former science museum locale easily set the scene for visions of the future.

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