TEDxChicuque, the first TEDx event in Mozambique, shines a light on Mozambican stories

imageThis January, under a TEDx logo fashioned from coconut and banana leaves, the very first TEDx event in Mozambique — TEDxChicuque — took place. At times, organizer Dhairya Pujara was afraid that this groundbreaking event would never take place, but in the end, it reached beyond all expectations.

"My interest in TED begun when I saw Sir Ken Robinson’s talk in 2009 online while in India," he told TEDx. “In 2012, I organized the first-ever TEDx conference at Drexel University in Philadelphia [and] in October 2012, I came to Mozambique to work in the rural healthcare system.

Gathering material for the TEDx sign

Gathering material for the TEDx sign

"My aim in organizing this event was to highlight the fact that [we in Mozambique] don’t have to look up to the Western world or other big countries for inspiring stories. Already, in Mozambique, our fellow citizens are solving real problems and are amazing storytellers. I wanted to explore the most unexplored resource in this country - people.”

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