Like 3D printers? Beautifully shot videos? TEDx? Then hit play to check out TEDxCoMo's wonderfully whimsical event promo, which features University of Missouri student Alex Madinger's living-room-assembled 3D printer in action.

From the organizers:

TEDx magnetizes the creativity in a community, drawing together a convergence of modern thinkers who wish to create a better future…Seeing this reaction, time and again, makes the theme of next month’s TEDxCoMo [“Feedback”] entirely too relevant as the speakers will only fire up new ideas by sharing their stories. Come to the Missouri Theater on April 6, 2013 to be a part of the next cyclical growth of ingenuity.

MUSIC: Tim Pilcher
GRAPHIC DESIGN: Jacob Derryberry

For more on TEDxCoMo, visit their website.

TEDxAmsterdam has thought up one of the most creative ways to curate their audience to date — pose a global challenge to transform ‘ideas worth spreading’ to ‘ideas worth doing’.

Entrants are encouraged to realize their idea between June 29th through October 19th — and document their progress through photos, video, testimonials or press. 100 people will win tickets to TEDxAmsterdam on November 30th, 2010. Enter your idea here.

They’ve released a few in a series of videos to promote their project. In this video, their second, people ‘break up’ with their ideas, but are encourage to nuture, and love them by submitting them to the TEDxAmsterdam competition.