City 2.0 website relaunch, highlighting stories through TEDxCity2.0

At TED 2012, the most recent TED Prize was announced, and given to an idea, rather than to a person: the City 2.0.

The $100,000 prize was divided into ten $10,000 grants, with the first five announced at TEDGlobal. Two went to TEDx communities in Pakistan, one to an event in Uganda. 

Five more grants are available, and anyone can nominate their project to win.

Going forward, the TEDx community will have a larger voice in the execution of the yearly TED Prize, including this year’s. TEDxCity2.0 will be one day — October 13th, 2012 — when TEDx communities around the world can organize an event themed City 2.0 to highlight the amazing voices and stories making change in their local communities. 

These stories and ideas will shape what the City 2.0 is and will be going forward. 

Dynamic pitch session during TEDx Workshop results in fifth City 2.0 Award

What do a zombie apocalypse, the spread of cholera, a burger box and toilets all have in common?

All of them were mentioned this morning during the City 2.0 pitch sessions, hosted as part of our

TEDx Workshop leading up to TED Global 2012 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

There were four compelling projects proposed:

Photo: Bret Hartman

Daniel CerVentus, of TEDxKL, pitched the “While We Wait” project — designed to make city dwellers’ “dead time” for public transportation, quite common in Kuala Lumpur, just a bit more fun and communal. Using choose your own adventure stories (like a zombie apocalypse flowchart) and conversation prompts, While We Wait gets people talking to one another. After all, why not slay boredom and build community in one fell swoop?

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