Our TEDxYouthDay reporters share the change they want to spark in the world

This weekend, nearly 100 TEDx events around the world will participate in TEDxYouthDay, our tribute to youth-driven ideas and inspiration. Many of these events will be streamed online….for FREE! Watch along with us and follow the hashtag #TEDxYouth on Twitter and Instagram. 

To get ready for TEDxYouthDay, we asked our youth reporters to share the change they wish the spark in the world. Their answers totally blew us away. Below, a few of our reporters’ big ideas for a better world:


My dream is for girls all over the world to be valued in their communities, educated, and given the opportunity to be leaders who have the power to shape their world.
Katy Ma, 17, United States


"My big dream is to see more people think outside the box."
Farokh Shahabi Nezhad, 22, Iran


"My big dream is for the youth of Africa to realise their potential — to see that no one is in a better place to solve the challenges which plague the continent."
Tumelo Motaung, 25, South Africa


"My dream is that one day every child will have access to food, shelter and education."
Bassant Okab, 17, Qatar


"My big dream for the world is better cultural understanding and tolerance."
Tea Salazar, 15, United States


"I want people to have a deeper awareness of respect, understanding, and appreciation for those who have experienced the world in different ways than their own."
Francesca Manto, 19, United States

You Don’t Know Jack — meet 16-year-old cancer researcher Jack Andraka

We totally love this new mini-documentary about superstar TEDx (and TED) speaker Jack Andraka, the teenage wonder who discovered a new method to detect pancreatic cancer that is 168 times faster, over 26,000 times less expensive, and over 400 times more sensitive than the typical means of pancreatic cancer detection — all before he even graduated high school. Watch it and be hopeful for the future.

And for more reason to build your faith in humanity (and young people in general), check our playlist of talks from amazing kids and get pumped for TEDxYouthDay this Saturday and Sunday — TEDx’s tribute to youth-driven ideas and inspiration.

Sure, you can watch TEDYouth in your pajamas, but wouldn’t it be cooler to watch with friends?

We won’t judge you if you wear sweatpants.


TEDYouth is an amazing one-day conference for young people where some of the world’s most fascinating scientists, designers, technologists, explorers, artists, performers (and more!) share short lessons on what they do best. It’s the school seminar / life advice session / super-smart party we always wished we would have had as kids, and it’s this Saturday!

Only at TEDYouth would NASA Mohawk guy, an International Grandmaster of Chess, Jay-Z’s producer, and the creator of Google Glass hang out trading stories and answering questions — which is just what happened last year.

This year, TEDYouth is livestreaming free! In English, Arabic, and Spanish! Speakers include an elephant expert, the head of research at Pixar, a professional storm chaser, a 16-year-old DJ, and our favorite guerrilla gardener Ron Finley.

TEDYouth 2013 is gonna be great. And we hope you’ll watch it live with us. Because watching a TED Conference live is pretty amazing.

Here’s how you do it:

1. Register to host an official TEDxYouthDay viewing party event, and join lots of other TEDxYouth events around the globe.


2. Put on your PJs, heat up some pizza pockets, and get ready to have your mind blown by new ideas. TEDYouth will be webcast on November 16, 2013, from 11am to 6pm CDT (noon to 7pm EST).

Above, some of our 2013 TEDxYouthDay Reporters show how they spark change in their communities. 

Here at TEDx, we’re super excited for next week’s TEDxYouthDay!

Nearly 100 events will take place all over the world on November 16-17,and many of them are being organized by youth, for youth. How awesome is that?

Leading up to TEDxYouthDay, we have a challenge for you. For our photo campaign, we’re asking you to complete the sentence, "I will spark change by…"

If you take a picture of yourself holding the TEDxYouthDay sign and telling the world what you’re doing to spark change, you could wind up on the official TEDxYouthDay site, or on this blog!

What you do: Download the sign here, print it out, write your answer, and take a picture of yourself holding your sign.

Then what? Upload your picture to Flickr, Instagram, or Tumblr, and tag it with #TEDxYouth. If it’s especially awesome, we’ll add it to our posts.

So tell us: How will you spark change?