TEDxLive events bring TEDGlobal from Scotland to your hometown

imageTEDx’ers watch a session of TED2013 live at TEDxZurichLive in Switzerland

Some things are better shared — and we think TEDGlobal is one of them. With speakers like neuroscientist Greg Gage, risk economist Didier Sornette, and biomaterials researcher Molly Stevens, why wouldn’t you want to get in on TED’s international-minded twin conference? (Also known as a non-stop party for your brain.)

This month, from June 10-14, TEDGlobal will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland, but you don’t have to be in the land of the Scots to take in some TEDGlobal magic. We at TEDx have a handy ticket into the action TEDxLive events — TEDx events centered around a live webcast of one day of TEDGlobal 2013, next Wednesday, June 12.

At TEDxLive events all around the world, curious citizens will gather next Wednesday to watch a session (or two, or three!) of TEDGlobal live together — and you can be one of them!

Why sit at home queuing up DVR’d episodes of The Bachelorette when you could join one of
130+ TEDxLive events all over the world (in places like Bucharest, Lahore, Brighton, San Jose, Sydney, and Belfast) to watch where you just might get to hear a neuroscientist discuss whether we can ever fix a brain, or one of the world’s leading bee scholars (yup, those exist) give insight into the world of our misunderstood flying friends — while hanging out with other people who care about ideas worth spreading.

So hurry up and join an event near you! To find an event close by, browse this list of all upcoming TEDxLive events on our website.

Where can you watch TEDGlobal live in a 4-story former print shop (whose first book was printed in 1585!) with TEDsters, TEDx’ers, and other people just crazy enough to think good ideas can change the world? TEDxVilniusLive!

What is TEDxVilniusLive? Well…

1. It’s a chance for you to hang out, watch an official TED conference (live!), explore a bright and vibrant young city (Vilnius, Lithuania), and party, brainstorm, collaborate, and discuss (maybe even argue) with some of the coolest, smartest, most interesting folks you could hope to meet — all in one place.

2. It’s an experiment between the team at TEDxVilnius and TEDx: the very first 4-day TEDxLive event, which promises to be an epic, historic and extremely fun journey.

In short, it’s probably like the dinner party you’ve always wanted to have, the summer camp every geek hoped to dream into existence, and a great way to watch TED Talks.

This June 10-14, 300 adventurous and passionate folks from around the world will gather in Lithuania for 4 days of immersive workshops, engaging activities, city-exploration, and — of course — the live webstream of TEDGlobal, featuring talks from people like women’s rights activist Manal al-Sharif, risk economist Didier Sornette, and novelist Abha Dawesar.

And something even cooler — you could be one of those 300.

Read more about the
TEDxVilniusLive program at their website, or register now and plan your trip to Vilnius.
See you in Vilnius!

(Photos: Views of Vilnius, Lithuania via TEDxVilniusLive)

The world comes together for TED2013: TEDxLive events around the globe

At the end of February, TED2013 went live far beyond the city limits of Long Beach, California. In 60 countries worldwide — excited TED’xers became TEDsters for a day (or night!) — experiencing “The Young. The Wise. The Undiscovered.” in the heart of their communities: inside theaters, schools, local haunts, and cultural centers. These were TEDxLive events — TEDx events centered around a live simulcast of TED2013 in Long Beach.

In Sidney, British Columbia, Canadian TEDx’ers gathered together to watch day three of TED2013 in a local secondary school for the TEDxSaanichPeninsulaLive event. Organizer Sherry Moir said a moving moment of the day came after 16-year-old Jack Andraka spoke about the new method of detecting pancreatic cancer that he developed when he was only 15. Once he finished speaking, Sherry overheard one of the school’s students say, “He might have saved my dad if he’d only done this at age 12!” 

"I thought it was quite profound," she said. "No limitations on the age of discovery."


At TEDxRawalRiverLive across the world in Katowice, Poland, attendees were wowed by the energy and ambition of Session 7 speaker and urban gardener Ron Finley. “You could almost feel that people wanted to go outside the venue and start to plant,” said organizer Paweł Wyszomirski. Finley’s enthusiasm was a welcomed presence in TEDxRawalLake’s Katowice, because as Pawal explains, “Since the collapse of communism, the city is changing from a place dominated by coal mines and steel factories into a place more people-friendly. Such street gardens are very needed in Katowice.” He hopes that by the summer, real change will begin to take place, and that innovators like Finley will start the fire in Katowice’s residents to make that happen.


In Rwanda, TEDxNyarugengeLive’s TEDx’ers gathered on a rooftop in Kigali for drinks, discussion, kebabs, and ideas worth spreading under the night sky. Much fun was had, with attendee Lee Crawfurd (@rovingbandit) tweeting, "Fantastic @TEDxNyarugenge event with over 100 people on @TheOfficeRW rooftop in Kigali last night, congrats."


And in Austin, TX, kids took the cake at TEDxLakeTravisLive. “The highlight of our event were our young attendees,” said event organizer Tracey Vickery. “We had numerous kids, and I was so pleased to see each and every one was riveted…regardless of topic. It was wonderful to watch. They were curious and asked a lot of questions about the speakers and the event itself. I believe we created some young TEDsters, and we hope to host a TEDxYouth event at some point.”

Congratulations to the over 200 amazing TEDx events for making TED2013 a truly global conference. See more pictures from these fantastic events on the TEDx Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TEDxEvents

Above: Photos from TEDxBaghdadLive; TEDxRiversideAvondaleLive; TEDxTallinnLive; TEDxChisinauLive; TEDxUCRLive

TEDxLive events from TED conferences past

How to watch a TED: TEDxLive events bring TED2013 to you

Today, global citizens of all kinds gather together in Long Beach, CA for the annual TED conference, TED2013: The Young. The Wise. The Undiscovered.

But TED2013 isn’t constrained to the city limits of Long Beach. At over 200 events in 60 countries worldwide, TEDx’ers are coming together to bask in the glow of ideas worth spreading of TED2013 at TEDxLive events — TEDx events centered around live simulcasts of TED2013.

In local cinemas, community centers, offices, auditoriums and buildings of all kinds, TEDx’ers will ride, cycle, drive, or walk to watch, talk, discuss, and revel in the excitement of the “big TED.”

Some events will have live speakers of their own to celebrate “The Young. The Wise. The Undiscovered,” of their towns and communities, and others will simply provide the space and the live brain food for discussion, deliberation, new ideas and new connections.

To learn more about TEDxLive events centered around TED2013, or find an event near you, view the list of all TEDxLive events here.
We look forward to hearing the stories of these global gatherings of curious minds. TED on!