With TEDxWomen less than a month away, we decided to revisit one of our favorite TEDWomen talks: Madeleine Albright — former UN ambassador, US Secretary of State, and resident feminist hero — in conversation with the Paley Center for Media director and host of TEDxWomen, Pat Mitchell.

We love this talk for Albright’s frankness, wisdom, and pin collection, which includes a snake she started wearing after Saddam Hussein called her “an unparalleled serpent.”

In the talk, she says that it’s paramount for the progress of the world that women help women:

“I believe that societies are better off when women are politically and economically empowered, that values are passed down, the health situation is better, education is better, there is greater economic prosperity. So I think that it behooves us — those of us that live in various countries where we do have economic and political voice — that we need to help other women. And I really dedicated myself to that, both at the UN and then as Secretary of State.”

With this in mind, we asked TEDxWomen organizers how they plan to continue this conversation that Madeleine started. Says organizer Nathalie Molina Nino of TEDxBarnardCollegeWomen, held at the historic women’s liberal arts college in New York City:

“One of our core beliefs is that when more women are powerful, visionary and strategic leaders, then communities and organizations are more innovative, productive and successful. Not to mention that when more women are leaders, we raise the aspirations of women and girls around the world.

The bottom line really is that, just as Madeline did for many people (not just women), shining a light on women leaders of all walks of life and industries means that we become catalysts for the education, development, and advancement of courageous leaders everywhere. Via [our] TEDxWomen satellite event and through our work [at Barnard’s Athena Center] year-round, we hope to contribute the stories of women who lead, with the goal of changing our shared understanding of leadership.”

To keep the conversation going with us at TEDxWomen on November 30th and December 1st, sign up to host a TEDxWomen livestreaming event or find an event near you to attend.

And until the 30th, check out TEDxBarnardCollegeWomen's website, and read more about the TEDxWomen initiative here: http://tedxwomen.org/