Before I die I want to..

"Before I Die" is a project by TED Fellow Candy Chang that asks strangers to share what they most want to accomplish in their lives. Since Candy created the first “Before I Die” wall in New Orleans in 2011, people have installed “Before I Die” walls in 62 countries around the world, including at many TEDx events.

Above, a selection of a few TEDx “Before I Die” installations at TEDxHonolulu in Hawaii,  TEDxJerusalem in Jerusalem, TEDxRiyadh in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and TEDxBerkeley at the University of California, Berkeley.

Below, Candy’s 10 favorite “Before I Die” responses, from her interview with the TED Blog:

Before I die I want to…

  • be completely myself (New Orleans, LA, USA).
  • stare at the stars with the people I love (Pohang City, South Korea).
  • own my own ice cream factory (Asunción, Paraguay).
  • be a stripper and a nun at the same time (Santiago, Chile).
  • see where my grandma grew up (Townsville, Australia).
  • have my own theme song (Johannesburg, South Africa).
  • overcome depression (Newport News, VA, USA).
  • create a typeface of my own (Almaty, Kazakhstan).
  • try lots of things (Brooklyn, NY, USA).
  • stop being afraid (Jerusalem, Israel).

(Photos: Instagram users  dselectived, maha_92; _janiekins_; elishaseye)