This December, TEDWomen and TEDxWomen events explore the stakes for women today

imageWhat does it mean to be a woman in 2013? This winter, more than 100 TEDxWomen events around the world will explore just that — joining TED and the Paley Center for Media in a celebration of the female inventors and designers, thinkers and makers, local problem-solvers and global leaders who are changing the world today.

In San Francisco, TED, partnered with the Paley Center for Media, will present TEDWomen 2013: Invented Here on December 5, bringing a host of speakers to California to explore topics like technology, art, solutions to poverty, approaches to peacemaking, investigations of science, education, and innovation.

In countries and cities worldwide, the conversation sparked at TEDWomen will expand, as TEDxWomen events in places like Belfast, Barcelona, and Belgrade share the TEDWomen livestream and invite local speakers to bring their own ideas to the theme, “Invented Here.” The result? A truly global conversation — from San Francisco to London to Beijing — celebrating strong, enterprising, change-making women everywhere.

Women are so often the creative powerhouses driving progress, and the active force crystallizing change in communities worldwide, and TEDWomen and TEDxWomen events are sure to provide groundbreaking ideas from such innovators. From small, local solutions to global movements, the power of women’s invention is visible in every region, in every field.

The full lineup of TEDWomen speakers is yet to be announced, but follow the TEDWomen Facebook and website for all updates.

To take part in this global conversation yourself, sign up to host a TEDxWomen livestreaming event, or find a TEDxWomen event near you to attend. 

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Bringing TEDGlobal to the globe: 3 awesome TEDxLive events to look out for next Wednesday

imageTEDx’ers take in talks at TEDxSanJoseCA

This year, TEDGlobal — TED’s ultra global-minded twin conference — will be held from June 10-14 in Edinburgh, Scotland.
The conference will bring together scholars, scientists, musicians, economists, policy makers, policy changers, theorists, technologists, and artists to talk the global remix shifting the world right now.

And TEDx has a ticket into day 3 of TEDGlobal 2013 —TEDxLive events!
These events — TEDx events centered around a live webcast of TEDGlobal in Scotland — will take place on Wednesday, June 12, all across the globe, including events in South Africa, Pakistan, Greece, Romania, Mexico, as well as a host of other locations.

What do you do at a TEDxLive event? Gather with other people who believe that good ideas have the power to change the world, who love new technology, new research, new insights into the ever-evolving world around us; watch a lot of great talks; discuss and debate.

At TEDxLive events all across the globe
people will be gathering in schools, cinemas, community centers, and auditoriums to watch TEDGlobal live at TEDxLive events -- and you should be one of them.

You can find a list of all TEDxLive events here — but, as a teaser, here are three TEDxLive events to look out for next Wednesday:

  • In San Jose, California, TEDx’ers at TEDxSanJoseCA are taking over Santana Row Park in Silicon Valley to watch TEDGlobal outside on a giant screen — drive-in movie style — amongst the palm trees and perhaps even with a picnic or two.

  • At TEDxDhakaLive in Bangladesh, the organizing team chose a smaller venue than usual to make their TEDGlobal viewing party more cozy, fun, and habitable for discussion. Believing TEDGlobal would encourage local youth and students to become more involved in community projects and be motivated to start movements of their own, organizers allocated 70% of tickets for young attendees.

  • In Mexico, ideas will percolate when TEDxGuadalajara brings TEDGlobal to a local coffee shop. With their cappuccino and double-caff lattes, local TEDx’ers will be able to watch Session 5 of TEDGlobal — with talks by bees scholar Marla Spivak, science writer Sonia Sah, and neuroscientist Greg Gage. We’ve also heard the appetizers will be excellent. 

Many events still have spots open to join in click here to find an TEDxLive event near you to attend.

Hacking Morocco: Sahara Labs brings the very first hackerspace to Morocco

Enter the doors of the airmail museum in Tarfaya, Morocco on a certain Friday this past February, and you would have seen something far from airmail
— Moroccans of all ages working together on DIY engineering projects — or, as it was also known as — the first meeting of Sahara Labs: Tarfaya’s first hackerspace.

Still in its infancy, Sahara Labs has already been named one of the 8 hackerspaces changing the Arab world by Wamda.

"Sahara Labs — Tarfaya Hackerspace — is for everyone," they say on their Facebook page, "and everyone is invited to all of our events and meetings.

[We provide] hacking tools such as 3D printer[s], Arduino, electronics, and other awesome things…

Anyone can become a member of Sahara Labs - Tarfaya Hackerspace and start making their own workshops, use our tools or do whatever they want to do. The sky is the limit.”

Sahara Labs was founded by TEDxTarfaya organizer El Wali El Alaoui Mohamed El Mostapha. “In Tarfaya,” he said, “there is only one school, one high school, and no other place to get knowledge. People here are creative — especially kids, youth and women — so this is why we built our space.” Sahara Labs is like TEDx, he said, because “TEDxTarfaya shares the ideas worth spreading and Sahara Labs makes and builds ideas worth spreading.”

What did the folks at Sahara Lab build for their inaugural meeting, you may ask?
littleBits! And what are littleBits? The design of TED Fellow Ayah Bdeir, littleBits are tiny circuit boards that snap together with magnets to allow even the smallest kid to create projects complete with motors, lights, sounds, buttons, and sensors.

A littleBits racecar (Photo: littleBits)

At TED2012, Ayah explained the educational potential behind littleBits:

"Instead of having to program, to wire, to solder, littleBits allow you to program using very simple intuitive gestures," she said in her talk. “The nicest thing is how [kids] start to understand the electronics around them from everyday that they don’t learn at schools,”  For example, how a nightlight works, or why an elevator door stays open, or how an iPod responds to touch.”

At Sahara Labs’s first meeting, El Wali and his partner, Bilal Ghalib, invited kids from ages 6-16 to experiment with littleBits and make their own projects. Adults worked to help kids on their way. Ayah’s talk was projected onto the wall and kids and adults fiddled with their circuits.

"Everyone got the opportunity to understand the fundamentals of electronics and create their personalized circuits," El Wali said, "…achieving their goals by themselves."

"By the end of the event, he said, "happiness was present on each face of participants, both in trainees and trainers. Kids and teenagers asked to take LittleBits kits back home. [We] distributed half of kits among them and kept another half for future events.

"It was just great. No better way to start a project based on shared values."

Afternoon video break (this time in Arabic!): Take a ride through the city of Riyadah, Saudi Arabia with this super cool event trailer made by the TEDxRiyadh team.

Over 130 volunteers came together to make TEDxRiyadh a success. For those of you who don’t speak Arabic, here’s the English translation of the video’s text:

More than 22 speakers

More than 130 volunteers

More than 26 team members

All of them … gathered … to share ideas worth spreading!

(Video credit: Abdullah Al-Ahmari)