Une playlist de TEDx en français: 4 TEDx Talks in French

Welcome to this week’s playlist en français! We have scoured the Francophone world to bring you exciting talks ranging from Bordeaux beats to child language acquisition and more.

TEDxement vôtre- enjoy!

TEACHERS: Did you know it’s possible to create a virtual lesson from a TEDx Talk? At TED-Ed you can quickly flip any of these talks. Check out these questions we whipped up for Claire Nouvian’s talk and find out more about how to make your own TED-Ed lessons.

BEATBOX: Beasty at TEDxBordeaux
Move over Tom Thumb, Beasty’s in town! Watch this awe-inspiring beatboxing display at TEDxBordeaux that has already had nearly 150,000 views.

Laisse la place Tom Thumb, Beasty est là ! Regardez cette démonstration époustoufflante à TEDxBordeaux qui a déjà été vue 150 000 fois.

Cumul des mandats: Hamou Bouakkaz at TEDxAlsace
In this laugh out loud talk at TEDxAlsace, Algeria-native Hamou Bouakkaz describes his trajectory into politics, despite the prejudices he faced in his community for being both blind and Arab.

Dans cette intervention désopilante à TEDxAlsace, Hamou Bouakkaz, natif d’Algérie, décrit son parcours en politique, en dépit des préjugés auxquels il a été confronté dans sa communauté, du fait d’être à la fois arabe et aveugle.

Mais comment font-ils pour apprendre une langue? Sharon Peperkamp at TEDxVaugirardRoad 2013
Did you know that babies begin to recognize their own names from as early as 4 or 5 months old? Learn about the fascinating field of child language acquisition and other linguistic wonders in Sharon Peperkamp’s talk at TEDxVaugirardRoad.

Saviez-vous que les bébés commencent à renconnaître leur nom dès l’âge de 4 ou 5 mois ? Découvrez le domaine fascinant de l’acquisition du langage chez l’enfant et d’autres merveilles linguistiques dans l’intervention de Sharon Peperkamp à TEDxVaugirardRoad.

Les eaux cachées: Joseph Lukawski at TEDxRabat
At TEDxRabat, Fulbright scholar Joseph Lukawski uses clips from his visually stunning documentary to discuss the state of the water system in Fes, Morocco.

À TEDxRabat, Joseph Lukawski, titulaire d’une bourse Fulbright, utilise des extraits de son documentaire visuellement stupéfiant pour discuter de l’état du réseau hydrographique à Fès au Maroc.

For Julia Child’s birthday, 3 TEDx Talks to chew on

Julia faces off with a swordfish (via pbs-food)

“This is my invariable advice to people: Learn how to cook — try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless, and, above all, have fun!”
― Julia Child, My Life in France

It’s hard to deny Julia Child’s vast contributions the world of gastronomy. The charismatic, colorful Californian-turned-Francophone-turned-chef-turned-PBS-host introduced a world of readers and TV viewers to classical French cooking, inspired an infamous Saturday Night Live sketch, wrote a memoir and scores of cookbooks, all while seemingly having a whole lot of fun. To honor what would have been The French Chef's 101st birthday, we bring you 3 very appetizing TEDx Talks from food lovers of all kinds.

Writing with Julia: Alex Prud’homme at TEDxMiddlebury
Alex Prud’homme is the great nephew of Julia Child, and the person who persuaded her into (and helped with) writing her famed memoir, My Life in France, the base material for half of the recent film, Julie and Julia. Enjoy this wonderful tribute to the French Chef from Prud’homme, whose affectionate impressions of her famous voice and tales of telling her story are sure to please.

The reach of a restaurant: Thomas Keller at TEDxEast
Thomas Keller, another Gallophile chef, gave this passionate talk at TEDxEast on the beauty of culinary arts. Like Julia, he speaks ardently of the experience of cooking and eating — something that he feels leave impressions in chefs’ and diners’ lives forever. Look for him the next time you watch the Pixar filmRatatouille, in which he can be seen dining in Paris.

Creativity in cooking can solve our biggest problems: José Andrés at TEDxMidAtlantic
José Andrés is a chef who believes in the power of creativity. In this rousing talk at TEDxMidAtlantic, he discusses how stepping out of your comfort zone can be the first step in landing onto a new creation and discovering solutions to problems you didn’t know you could solve. Don’t watch this talk hungry, because the video of José’s team making liquid-nitrogen-almond-ice-cream-bowls topped with blue cheese mousse might drive you crazy.

Une playlist de TEDx en français: 5 talks in French

Do you speak French? Want to speak French? Curious about the language? Then you might enjoy this — our newest playlist of TEDx Talks in French. Below, 5 talks en français, including the wildly popular talk by Florence Servan Schreiber that went viral at TEDxParisSalon as well as a talk about actual viruses (and the impending zombie apocalypse) at TEDxStrasbourgUniversite.

TEACHERS: Did you know it’s possible to create a virtual lesson from a TEDx Talk? At TED-Ed you can quickly flip any of these talks. Check out these questions we whipped up for Claire Nouvian’s talk and find out more about how to make your own TED-Ed lessons.

The Zombiologist Paradox: Florian Douam at TEDxStrasbourgUniversite
At TEDxStrasbourgUniversite, “zombiologist” Florian Douam discusses virology and its potential to end humanity — with the help of Jean-Claude the zombie, of course.

À TEDxStrasbourgUniversité, le “zombiologue” Florian Douam parle de virologie et de sa capacité à mettre fin à l’humanité — avec l’aide de Jean-Claude le zombie, évidemment.

Le pouvoir de la gratitude: Florence Servan Schreiber at TEDxParisSalon
Clocking in (or should we say “clicking in?”) at more than 45,000 views, Florence Servan Schreiber’s fantastically successful and deeply moving talk explores the link between gratitude and longevity. (Filmed in French with subtitles in French, English and Serbian.)

Déjà visionnée plus de 45 000 fois, la présentation couronnée de succès et profondément touchante de Florence Servan Schreiber explore le lien entre la gratitude et la longévité. (Filmé en français avec sous-titres en français, anglais, et serbe).

Les nomades, nos voisins d’hier et aujourd’hui: Dominique Careil at TEDxBordeaux
Dominique Careil sheds light on an often-maligned community, the Romani people, in this fascinating talk at TEDxBordeaux.

Dominique Careil donne un nouvel éclairage sur une communauté souvent calomniée, les Roms, dans cette présentation fascinante à TEDxBordeaux.

5 in 5: Christel Beltran at TEDxMontpellier
Computers are getting so advanced that they have five senses. Learn about how computers are able to look, touch and even taste in this talk from Christel Beltran at TEDxMontpellier.

Les ordinateurs deviennent si avancés qu’ils possèdent maintenant cinq sens. Apprenez comment les ordinateurs sont capables de regarder, toucher, et même goûter dans cette présentation de Christel Beltrann à TEDxMontpellier.

Le cinéma du vivant: Djinn Carrénard at TEDxParis 2012
Ever wondered about the ins and out of making a film? At TEDxParis, charismatic director Djinn Carrénard shares the story of making his Louis Delluc Award-winning film, Donoma.

Vous êtes-vous déjà demandé comment un film était créé en détails ? A TEDxParis, le réalisateur charismatique Djinn Carrénard partage l’histoire de la création de son film Donoma, récompensé par le Prix Louis Delluc.

La première playlist de TEDx en français: 5 talks in French from around the world

With over 6,000 events (in over 100 countries and over 1,000 cities) having taken place since the TEDx program’s start in 2009, the TEDx community is truly global. And with a community like this, we at the TEDx blog have decided to try something new — language playlists!

Do you speak French? Want to speak French? Curious about the language? Then you might enjoy this — our very first playlist of TEDx Talks in French. Below, 5 talks as diverse and interesting as the French language itself — covering everything from tales of the very deep sea to the power of social media.

Bienvenue sur la première playlist de TEDx en français! Vous avez déjà vu beaucoup de conférences en anglais ; maintenant, vous avez l’opportunité de les regarder en français.

TEACHERS: Did you know it’s possible to create a virtual lesson from a TEDx Talk? At TED-Ed you can quickly flip any of these talks. Check out these questions we whipped up for Claire Nouvian’s talk and find out more about how to make your own TED-Ed lessons.

Un final en beauté!: Vinvin at TEDxParis
In this charming talk, French funny man Vinvin waxes poetic on life.

Dans cet exposé charmant, le comédien français Vinvin s’épanche avec lyrisme sur les choses de la vie.

Pourquoi il faut se mobiliser contre la pêche en eau profonde: Claire Nouvian at TEDxParis
At TEDxParis, conservationist Claire Nouvian gives insight into the breathtaking biodiversity of the deep sea with some harrowing, yet beautiful images of what goes on beneath the waves.

À TEDx Paris, l’environnementaliste Claire Nouvian donne un aperçu de la biodiversité spectaculaire de la mer profonde, avec des images à la fois belles et déchirantes de ce qui se passe sous les vagues.

La liberté sexuelle en question: Catherine Blanc at TEDxParis
Sexologist Catherine Blanc explores sex, relationships and marriage in this sensitive talk about sexual liberty at TEDxParis.

À TEDxParis, la sexologue Catherine Blanc explore les rapports sexuels, les relations et le mariage dans cet exposé délicat sur la liberté sexuelle.

Techniques chirurgicales: des origines, à la robotique: Bertin Nahum at TEDxMontpellier
At TEDxMontpellier, Bertin Nahum provides a fascinating journey through the history of surgery, from the problems surgeons faced in the Middle Ages to recent developments and innovations in the field.

À TEDxMontpellier, Bertin Nahum nous offre un voyage fascinant à travers l’histoire de la chirurgie, des problèmes auxquels étaient confrontés les chirurgiens du Moyen Âge aux derniers développements et innovations dans la discipline. 

La transparence radicale: Christian Chalifour at TEDxQuebec
At TEDxQuebec, Christian Chalifour discusses transparency in social media within the province as well as throughout the globe.

À TEDxQuébec, Christian Chalifour parle de la transparence dans les médias sociaux, aussi bien à l’intérieur du Québec qu’à travers le globe.