For-profit problem solvers: P R Ganapathy

Social entrepreneurship is about coming up with solutions that not only operate competitively in the free market, but also improve (and — sometimes — save) lives. From neonatal respirators that can operate without electricity, to solar-powered refrigeration units that keep food fresh in the hottest places, P.R. Ganapathy shows us what social entrepreneurs are doing to alleviate poverty in India, and calls for more people to join the cause worldwide. (Filmed at TEDxGolfLinksPark)

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Surprising things made out of jumbo dung…

The TEDxCoimbatore name tags. Wanting to produce badges that were both eco-friendly and useful, the team at TEDxCoimbatore turned to an interesting material — elephant dung.

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Laced with plant seeds, the tags (and speaker profiles!) were made in a way that made them perfect for re-use: a paper of bleached elephant dung, that when placed in soil and watered, sprouts flowers.

"Most often, handouts at fairs and name tags are disposed of," said the designer of the name tags in an interview with The Times of India. "We wanted to show that they can be put to better use."

No word yet on how they smelled, but we’re guessing the bleach took care of that.

Happy 4th Birthday, TEDx! Looks like you can have your cake and eat it, too.

imageTEDxSamsung celebrates TEDx’s fourth

TEDx is now 4! This past Saturday, March 23, TEDx celebrated this milestone with a global birthday party, convened by TEDx organizers, volunteers, and fans worldwide. There were cakes, candles, wishes and even a kite or two — all paired with enough enthusiasm to last another 4 years and beyond. 

With 6,417 events in 149 countries and 1,777 cities over the past 4 years, and now over 25,000 talks online, the TEDx program would be nothing without its ever-expanding network of dedicated and hard-working volunteers.

So, take a moment and toast them and 4 years of TEDx with a selection of favorite sweet treats from TEDx’s 4th:

imageTEDxGolfLinksPark in Bangalore, India made TEDx a very impressive birthday cake — with sprinkles!

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