Building TEDxBelfast 2012: A Titantic undertaking

This June, Belfast TEDx’ers took over the newly-opened Titantic Belfast, a museum-cum-Titanic-reproduction in the heart of Northern Ireland, where the famed ship herself was built and set sail.

The TEDx event, appropriately titled “Titanic Ideas,” was pulled together by Davy Sims, self-described as “notoriously difficult to please.” These are his notes on the TEDx experience:


“Two weeks until TEDxBelfast, I’m really psyched!” I can’t remember who posted this on Twitter, but it shook me. On 26 January,  I announced on Facebook, “UPDATE: Good news, a few minutes ago we received an email from TED in New York renewing the Belfast license for TEDx. We are beginning to discuss use of a very impressive venue. More details as they emerge.”

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