Wanna learn more about space? Check out this talk from by astronaut Thomas Pesquet, who took to the stage at TEDxParis to talk the International Space Station, inflatable space hotels (no, really), and a manned mission to Mars.

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Fun fact to hold you over while you queue up the talk: The International Space Station has the same interior volume as two Boeing 747 jets, and can travel the distance between Paris and New York in 12 minutes.

Above: Pesquet at TEDxParis; NASA astronaut Nicholas Patrick takes a spacewalk (Photo: NASA); and astronauts at the ISS wave hello to TEDxParis.

Starlight + long exposure + the International Space Station = totally rad

TEDxHouston speaker Don Pettit’s photos from the ISS might have your Instagram feed beat. The cosmonaut’s beautiful images — seen above — capture the trails of light created by stars over a period of 10-15 minutes in captivating detail.

When down on Earth, the NASA flight engineer gave a talk on the fascinating physics of space travel, which we promise isn’t as daunting as it sounds.

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(Photos: NASA / Johnson Space Center, Don Pettit)