TEDx Playlist: 9 incredible musical performances by kids

TEDxAmericanRiviera, Photo by Carolyn Newstrom

You don’t have to be a grown-up to wow an audience — and these very musical kids prove it. From a 12-year-old guitar player to the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra’s Academy of Peace Through Art, we’re sure you’ll enjoy these 9 musical performances fueled by raw talent and hard work.

TEDxYouth@Madrid - Andrea Motis & Joan Chamorro Trio

Take your eyes off the screen for a moment and you’ll be sure to believe you’re listening to a vocalist with decades of musical experience. But Andrea Motis is only 15 years old. With her stunning voice and brass talent, she stuns the TEDxMadrid crowd with the American standards, “Our Love Is Here to Stay,” “Slightly Out of Tune,” and “Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone.”

When it Comes to Music, it’s All About the Feel : Ray Goren at TEDxOrangeCoast

Ray Goren started playing guitar four years ago. He was 8. Now, he spends his time beguiling music critics and amazing crowds nationwide. At TEDxOrangeCoast, he showcases his remarkable talent.

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Salma spoke of her dream to become a great teacher. She believes teaching should be a position that is earned, that the teacher’s job is highly underestimated and misunderstood in this part of the world, and that educators should be more prepared for the teaching process, and lack the right tools.
She mentioned that she struggled to prove herself academically with low grades and modest artistic talents and was judged at many occasions by the same people who should have provided support and understanding to her—namely home and school. She decided to choose a career as teacher so that kids she takes care of are well-supported and appreciated regardless of their grades.

Organizer of TEDxYouth@Amman in Amman, Jordan, Zeid Abdul-Hadi on 18-year-old Salma Tabari’s talk, “Sorry, I am a dreamer,” given during TEDxYouthDay 2011, which now has over 17,000 views on YouTube

Salma is just one of the many youth leaders diving headfirst into creating positive change for the world. This November 17 and 18, TEDx is celebrating leaders like Salma through TEDxYouthDay, a worldwide initiative of TEDx events centered around youth issues, ideas, and leadership. Learn more here: http://tedxyouthday.ted.com/

Volunteering for TEDxYouth@Amman

Education is a very important aspect of our life, engaging most of us throughout our childhood and beyond. What we learn in school plays a big role in how our personalities, minds, and ways of thought develop when we are young. In many parts of the world, I believe that education must be reformed in a way that teaches creativity and builds creative minds, because education and creativity complement and depend on one another. That’s how the theme “Educativity” at TEDxYouth@Amman — a TEDxYouthDay event — was thought up.

When I first heard about TEDxYouth@Amman, I was very excited. I wanted to attend the event so that I could share creative ideas with creative minds, and I also wanted to play a role in organizing the event. So I volunteered to help out at the event, which had a big and positive impact on me.

The event had around 27 speakers and performers. There were inventors, entrepreneurs, musicians, dancers and more. All of the presenters had their own stories to share about how they reached their dreams, how creativity helped them, and why it is important to teach creativity through education. The event was a full day experience, and as volunteers we had a lot of interesting and great work to do. I had a great experience guiding and helping attendees and guests, sharing information about the event, and live reporting throughout the event on Twitter and Facebook.

Written by Abdallah Alashqar, an official TEDxYouth@Amman reporter.