Note-taking, in style: This weekend at TEDxAuckland in New Zealand, TEDx’ers will be treated to beautiful, one-of-a-kind notebooks to capture all their ideas worth spreading from the event.

Made from recycled paper and vegetable-based inks by New Zealand stationary collective Lovenotes, the notebooks feature original (letterpressed) art by Auckland local Ruby Watson. Ruby was inspired by the TEDxAuckland theme, “Convergence Emergence,” says Lovenotes, as well as the landscape of Auckland — especially the nearby volcanoes.

Check out photos of the notebooks above, and read more about TEDxAuckland at their website.

Above: A program you can wear — TEDxBoulder’s letterpressed event guides.
At TEDxBoulder’s very first event, attendees were treated to hand-printed programs that served not only as guides to the event’s program, but nametags as well. The programs, designed by local Boulder design firm Good Apples, featured a giant cut-out ‘X;’ accordion flaps with maps, speaker information, and schedules; twine for wearing around the neck; as well as cover space to finish the sentence, “I am…”

The design was later chosen as a winner in the Communication Arts Design Annual for the year. We understand why.