Where can you watch TEDGlobal live in a 4-story former print shop (whose first book was printed in 1585!) with TEDsters, TEDx’ers, and other people just crazy enough to think good ideas can change the world? TEDxVilniusLive!

What is TEDxVilniusLive? Well…

1. It’s a chance for you to hang out, watch an official TED conference (live!), explore a bright and vibrant young city (Vilnius, Lithuania), and party, brainstorm, collaborate, and discuss (maybe even argue) with some of the coolest, smartest, most interesting folks you could hope to meet — all in one place.

2. It’s an experiment between the team at TEDxVilnius and TEDx: the very first 4-day TEDxLive event, which promises to be an epic, historic and extremely fun journey.

In short, it’s probably like the dinner party you’ve always wanted to have, the summer camp every geek hoped to dream into existence, and a great way to watch TED Talks.

This June 10-14, 300 adventurous and passionate folks from around the world will gather in Lithuania for 4 days of immersive workshops, engaging activities, city-exploration, and — of course — the live webstream of TEDGlobal, featuring talks from people like women’s rights activist Manal al-Sharif, risk economist Didier Sornette, and novelist Abha Dawesar.

And something even cooler — you could be one of those 300.

Read more about the
TEDxVilniusLive program at their website, or register now and plan your trip to Vilnius.
See you in Vilnius!

(Photos: Views of Vilnius, Lithuania via TEDxVilniusLive)

The last few months of this year were different for me and for many others: the second TEDxVilnius conference was coming up and all of us on the team were working really hard.

Organizers and attendees and those following online were caught by a fever called curiosity. 

The TEDxVilnius 2011 event was a great success, and the best proof of that was the applause and standing ovation at the end of the conference.

Written by Gintaras Gimzauskas, TEDxVilnius team member