Dispatches from a TEDxYouthDay reporter: Yasmine Tashk on TEDxYouth@Tallinn

This post comes from TEDxYouthDay reporter Yasmine Tashk, who watched TEDxYouth@Tallinn during TEDxYouthDay 2012.

Photo: Yasmine’s big dream for the world

Saturday, I sat in my apartment in Paris, all prepared to watch the TEDxYouthDay event in Tallinn, Estonia. I sat by my desk with my paper and pen on my left, my notes on my right, and my computer and scanner in front of me.

I decided to draw what I heard during the event — live. This was quite a challenge because I had to draw, focus on the talks, scan the drawings, and edit them on my computer — all while watching the speakers talk.

What I expected from the event besides the talks themselves was to gain inspiration: to see other people doing things they believe will change the world, to learn things that will lead me to change the world myself.

Photo: Yasmine’s live drawing of Rene Kukk at TEDxYouth@Tallinn.

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