A lamp that tells a story: London-based artist Yu “Jordy” Fu uses the traditional Chinese art of paper cutting to create intricate, whimsical, and gorgeous paper lamps that showcase 3-D architectural landscapes.

In a talk at TEDxTokyo, Yu talks about her process and shows how she uses the world around us to inspire her designs.

Watch the whole talk here»

(Photos: Yu “Jordy” Fu)

Last Monday, TEDxAlbertopolis took over the gorgeous Royal Albert Hall in London for a day of talks exploring the space between art and science, between philosophy and pop, between design and data, and more.

Check out a few photos from the day, which brought together John Halpern, crossword setter for the Guardian, The Times, the Financial Times, The Independent and the Daily Telegraph; Dame Sally Davies, the chief medical officer of England; and artist Julia Lohmann, whose curious title is design resident in the Department of Seaweed at the Victoria & Albert Museum; amongst many other wonderful speakers.