Dedicated TEDx’er Bernie Quah has been a volunteer for for both TEDxKL and TEDxSingapore, and now has drawn these beautiful illustrations for TEDxKL’s 2013 event. 

Says Bernie of her graphic recordings: It was through [events] like TEDx that I developed my skill in graphic recording…The support from the organizers and attendees helped me realize that I was doing more than just ‘taking notes.’

"I was helping them see things in a different way and it made the ideas that were shared stick. I was creating value by doing something that was second nature to me.”

TEDxKL, quite simply, lifted my spirits. To witness so many brilliant local and overseas speakers shining on stage, passionate and enthusiastic in their respective industries, was truly a powerful affair. These wonderful people spoke about matters close to their hearts, sharing their concerns and feelings with members of the audience, enthralling us with personal ideas and observations that opened our eyes in ways we had not even realized.
Vishal J. Singh, TEDxKL attendee, as quoted in "Touched by KL" on Digital News Asia.

Illustrator Bernadette Quah has been a volunteer for for both TEDxKL and TEDxSingapore events.

This year, Bernadette hand drew posters and illustrated notes for TEDxKL in a style all her own.

Organizer Daniel CerVentus says, “[Bernadette] is based in Singapore these days and travelled all the way back to Malaysia with her own money to help us out on this.” Enjoy her beautiful work above.