More Speakers Confirmed at TEDxUlaanbaatar

We at TEDxUlaanbaatar are pleased to announce that three exceptional speakers have been confirmed as speakers for our TEDxUlaanbaatar event in August: Oyundary Tsagaan, Oyungerel Tsedevdamba and Benj Binks.

Oyundary TsagaanOyundary Tsagaan is Managing Director of MNB (Mongolian National Broadcasting) and is an award-winning broadcast journalist in Mongolia. After working for years in Mongolia as a field reporter, political commentator and even press assistant to a Mongolian Prime Minister, she spent 6 years in the United States including working for CBS in San Francisco and earning a masters degree in journalism at the University of California. She received several Orders of Honor for Press Freedom and Best Achievement in Radio and Television, been awarded Journalist of the Year Award and won the Emmy Scholarship at Berkley from the National Television Academy. She will be speaking on legacy and the impact it has on the future of broadcast media in Mongolia.

Oyungerel Tsedevdamba is widely known in Mongolia as a public speaker, author, and passionate advocate for democracy. Mrs. Oyungerel has earned degrees in economic planning, international business, and is also a graduate of Stanford University where she studied international policy. Having initiated, established, and lead a number of civil society and human rights organizations, Mrs. Oyungerel is an eminent public leader and a compassionate social advocate. She has authored multiple books, been recipient of both a Fulbright Fellowship and a Yale World Fellowship and for her efforts to consolidate Mongolian democracy, secure human rights and liberties, and establish rule of law, Oyungerel was awarded the Order of Liberty by the Mongolian Democratic Union in 2003. She will be speaking at TEDxUlaanbaatar on the history and future of democracy in Mongolia.

Benj BinksBenj is a documentary filmmaker who, since 2007, has been working on Mongolian Bling - a documentary which explores the relationship Mongolia’s youth has with their country’s traditions, many of which the elders fear are dying. Benj is fascinated to see the countries beautiful ancient traditions juxtaposed against the youth’s love of Western culture and four years of working on the project has given Benj a unique insight into modern Mongolia and Ulaanbaatar’s hip hop scene. Mongolian Bling is due out in 2012 and coming to speak at TEDxUlaanbaatar will be Benj’s 10th visit to Mongolia. To learn more about Benj and his documentary, visit and

To learn more about these three exciting speakers: Oyundary, Oyungerel and Benj Binks please visit their profiles on the TEDxUllaanbaatar website

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TEDxUlaanbaatar Program Finalized

Our TEDxUlaanbaatar conference program has been finalized with more detailed on the four sessions that will make up the incredible day-long event.

After the team behind TEDxUlaanbaatar opens the event, featuring the TEDx Introductionvideo that has welcomed hundreds of thousands of people to TEDx events around the world,

Session 1 : “Exploring the Past” will feature an insightful look back into Mongolia’s rich and unique history. Speakers and presenters in this session will provide a glimpse of Mongolia’s colorful tapestry of culture, arts and spirituality.

Session 2 : “Honoring Tradition” will linking us to the present day, with a mix of speakers and artists who will explore the ways in which Mongolia reveres the past through science, music, photography and lifestyle.

Session 3 : “Empowering Progress” is filled with inspirational stories of change and the changemakers behind them in Mongolia today. From the streets of Ulaanbaatar to the peaks of the Altai mountains, amazing people positively impacting the world around them.

Session 4 : “Designing the Future” will close the event with visionaries and thought-leaders who will share their aspirations for realizing Mongolia’s potential and shaping the country’s legacy for generations to come. 

To be part of this event, and to learn more, please visit!

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The TEDxUlaanbaatar Program

The TEDxUlaanbaatar conference is set for Saturday, August 20th, 2011 and our theme will be Legacy: Honoring Tradition, Designing the Future. This encompasses Mongolia’s unique and ancient past, its present transitioning economy and culture and its wide-open future. The TEDxUlaanbaatar program will be divided into four sessions, each with its own unique theme:

  1. Exploring the Past 
  2. Honoring Tradition 
  3. Empowering Progress 
  4. Designing the Future 

Speakers and performers within each session will share their unique talents, stories and dreams with us and bring us on a journey through hundreds and thousands of years of Mongolian history and tradition, take us up to the present day and then leave us with their inspiring visions for the future. We look forward to seeing you alongside us throughout this adventure! If you want to get involved, or have a suggestion for a great speaker, please tell us (and hurry, spaces are filling up fast)!

Written by Travis