TEDx organizers take over New Zealand: a report from TEDxTeAro organizer DK, on the latest New Zealand TEDx Regional Organisers Workshop. Above, NZ organizers in Christchurch during their day-long workshop.

The New Zealand TEDx Regional Organisers Workshop was held this Saturday at the Sanctuary — the newest building in Christchurch, NZ’s  EPIC innovation hub, a campus for forward-thinking New Zealand companies to share space, ideas, and inspiration.

The event was organised by Kaila Colbin, TEDxEqChCh curator, and assisted by many on her team.

Representatives from all the NZ based events attended: TEDxChristchurch, TEDxAuckland, TEDxTeAro (Wellington’s event), TEDxQueenstown, along with a couple of young people who are hoping to form their own TEDxYouth event soon.

The day was designed to extract wisdom and experience from these seasoned organizers, deconstructing what has worked and also what didn’t during events, thus creating a day packed with discussions, analysis, group work, and individual reflections.

Advice flowed. A taste:

  • “Converge ideas and create influence.”
  • “Be organised first, flexible second.”
  • “Take my experience, but not my mistakes.”

We were also joined via Skype by members of the TEDx team from a very cold NY TED office. We took this opportunity to pose questions such as, what qualifies a good idea worth sharing, the criteria by which TEDx videos are judged to be considered for feature on the famous TED.com, and which event hiccups are the most prevalent and how to avoid.

To be in the room with fourteen other TEDx ambassadors was simply invigorating. These are people who freely give their time, energy and focus for many months at a time, crafting events which celebrate their local heroes whilst serving a larger narrative of ideas worth sharing. These guys are precious, humble, open, selfless, and it was an honour to be amongst them.

Thank you Becca, Carl (facilitator), DJ, Elliott, Emme, Jaime, Jose, Kaila, Kimberley, Matt, Sally, Sutter, Trent, Yuri.

Written by TEDxTeAro organizer DK.

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