I scream; you scream; we all scream for TEDx ice cream: To help promote TEDxOxford in the famed English university town, local ice cream shop G&D’s collaborated with the team on a very special concoction: TEDx ice cream. Offered as a limited release in the store, the raspberry white chocolate creation boasted a sign that invited dessert-eaters to visit the event’s website and find out more about the local celebration of ideas.

"The idea came about very simply," said organizer Chris Toumazis. "All of us in the team love ice cream, and [G&D’s] really knocks our socks off. G&D’s is a great local business that has a very loyal student and local following - they have a customer turnover in the high thousands every semester. Our first event (in 2011) was in the tail-end of summer, so we thought that in the summer term preceding it a great way to promote ticket applications was to sell TEDxOxford ice cream. We also always try to collaborate with local businesses that we really like, so we were pretty excited about the idea.

We approached G&D’s, who were delighted to get involved. We went in, played around with flavours in accordance with the TED colours (this was probably the best part for me), and landed upon raspberry sorbet with white chocolate bits. It tasted out of this world. They said that they would put it on for a trial-run to see how it sold. It turned out to be a huge hit, and sold out within the week - very rare for new flavours.”