Wanna learn more about space? Check out this talk from by astronaut Thomas Pesquet, who took to the stage at TEDxParis to talk the International Space Station, inflatable space hotels (no, really), and a manned mission to Mars.

Watch his whole talk here»

Fun fact to hold you over while you queue up the talk: The International Space Station has the same interior volume as two Boeing 747 jets, and can travel the distance between Paris and New York in 12 minutes.

Above: Pesquet at TEDxParis; NASA astronaut Nicholas Patrick takes a spacewalk (Photo: NASA); and astronauts at the ISS wave hello to TEDxParis.

Une playlist de TEDx en français: 4 TEDx Talks in French

Welcome to this week’s playlist en français! We have scoured the Francophone world to bring you exciting talks ranging from Bordeaux beats to child language acquisition and more.

TEDxement vôtre- enjoy!

TEACHERS: Did you know it’s possible to create a virtual lesson from a TEDx Talk? At TED-Ed you can quickly flip any of these talks. Check out these questions we whipped up for Claire Nouvian’s talk and find out more about how to make your own TED-Ed lessons.

BEATBOX: Beasty at TEDxBordeaux
Move over Tom Thumb, Beasty’s in town! Watch this awe-inspiring beatboxing display at TEDxBordeaux that has already had nearly 150,000 views.

Laisse la place Tom Thumb, Beasty est là ! Regardez cette démonstration époustoufflante à TEDxBordeaux qui a déjà été vue 150 000 fois.

Cumul des mandats: Hamou Bouakkaz at TEDxAlsace
In this laugh out loud talk at TEDxAlsace, Algeria-native Hamou Bouakkaz describes his trajectory into politics, despite the prejudices he faced in his community for being both blind and Arab.

Dans cette intervention désopilante à TEDxAlsace, Hamou Bouakkaz, natif d’Algérie, décrit son parcours en politique, en dépit des préjugés auxquels il a été confronté dans sa communauté, du fait d’être à la fois arabe et aveugle.

Mais comment font-ils pour apprendre une langue? Sharon Peperkamp at TEDxVaugirardRoad 2013
Did you know that babies begin to recognize their own names from as early as 4 or 5 months old? Learn about the fascinating field of child language acquisition and other linguistic wonders in Sharon Peperkamp’s talk at TEDxVaugirardRoad.

Saviez-vous que les bébés commencent à renconnaître leur nom dès l’âge de 4 ou 5 mois ? Découvrez le domaine fascinant de l’acquisition du langage chez l’enfant et d’autres merveilles linguistiques dans l’intervention de Sharon Peperkamp à TEDxVaugirardRoad.

Les eaux cachées: Joseph Lukawski at TEDxRabat
At TEDxRabat, Fulbright scholar Joseph Lukawski uses clips from his visually stunning documentary to discuss the state of the water system in Fes, Morocco.

À TEDxRabat, Joseph Lukawski, titulaire d’une bourse Fulbright, utilise des extraits de son documentaire visuellement stupéfiant pour discuter de l’état du réseau hydrographique à Fès au Maroc.

Structures that breathe, shake, and die: Philip Beesley at TEDxUW

Philip Beesley is an architect, a three-time TEDx speaker, and a leader in furthering the spellbinding, new concept of “living architecture.” In his talk at TEDxUW in Canada, "Building living architecture," he explains some of the processes behind his work creating "living" structures, which include using protocells to create "self-generating skins" for buildings, fitting cellphone vibrators to suspended "bladders" that shake and mimic the movements of the Earth’s floor, and employing microprocessors to enable materials to track human movement and quiver and contract in response.

Below, watch his entire talk, which provides more insight into the creation of these sculptural installations that respond to stimuli, interact with surroundings, grow, and die:

Above, images from two of his installations — the latest, Radiant Soil, which is part of the ALIVE / EN VIE exhibition at Espace EDF Fondation and will be on display until September 1, 2013, and Endothelium, which displayed at the UCLA Art|Sci Center + Lab 2008 Symposium.

(Photos: © PBAI and © PBAI - Radiant Soil - ALIVE/EN VIE, Espace EDF - Paris, France - 2013)