How to live with grizzly bears without getting eaten

The object of TEDxCanmore speaker Steve Michel’s affection is a rather unusual choice — one of the most notoriously feared animals in the natural world. He calls her grizzly bear number 64, and she lives with her cubs in Banff National Park where Michel is leading a team to educate people about living in harmony with wildlife. 

What we interpret as aggression, he says at TEDxCanmore, is often self-protection. For example, grizzly bear number 64 brings her cubs to the edge of a golf course not to scare us (as we might assume), but to keep her cubs safe from stronger, meaner bears (as any good mother would). In this fascinating talk, Michel explains how a little understanding can make these feared creatures seem as a sweet as the Berenstain bears. 

Watch the full talk here »

Why is Super Mario Bros. so popular? Like a lot of video games, the reason for its popularity is that it really plays off of a sense of adventure and curiosity.

If you hit on that question mark, a gold coin emerges. If you know where to look in that cloud, there’s a special reward, and if you have the guts and the curiosity to think about what’s in that green pipe, a whole new exciting world emerges.

…Similarly, New York City, where I live, is a city that has quite a few distractions, and excitement, and things to explore at street-level. And many New Yorkers really think about their streetscape as the city, and they think about the underground as a dark, nasty, smelly place that you go to — maybe — to go on the subway. But it’s not really a space of any value. There’s not really anything to explore.

…There’s actually 13 acres of unused spaces underneath New York City…[and the Lowline] is an effort to build the first underground park [underneath the city].

—From Dan Barasch’s TEDxEastHampton talk, “Imagining the Lowline,” about his and his partner’s plan to transform a long-abandoned trolley station beneath Delancey Street in Manhattan into a dreamy retreat from the noise, litter, and clamor of the city above. Watch Dan’s entire talk here »

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