Don’t stop the beat: 6 amazing TEDx beatboxing performances

More than just a fun party trick, human beatboxing transforms a normal person into a full-blown orchestra. In these 6 beatboxing performances from TEDx events around the world, watch as everyday citizens channel drum machines, trumpets, synthesizers, even the didgeridoo.

Tom Thum at TEDxSydney
Gaining more than 300,000 views in just three days, Tom Thum’s beatbox performance at TEDxSydney is something to admire. Here, the veteran beatboxer takes on the didgeridoo, sitar, double bass and transforms the Sydney Opera House into a “smoky downtown jazz bar” with just a microphone and a looping station.

Smily at TEDxTokyo
A man beatboxes via didgeridoo. Enough said.

Jonatan Lopez and Man Wai Che at TEDxYouth@BeaconStreet
Cultures collide as beatboxer Jonatan Lopez (JFlo) and Juilliard-trained bassist Man Wai Che fuse genres into a seamless performance that takes musical collaboration to a whole new level.

krNfx and Elysha Poirier at TEDxToronto
At TEDxToronto, two-time Canadian beatbox champion Terry Im (krNfx) steals the show with this super rad collaboration with visual artist Elysha Poirier. Reggie Watts, look out.

Beasty at TEDxBoredeaux
Though beatboxer Beasty’s talk is in French, you don’t need to parle français to appreciate his remix of “Eye of the Tiger,” which probably could get Rocky to trade Philly for Paris.

Abram Wuliger at TEDxDuke
At TEDxDuke, Abram Wuliger beatboxes on the flute — and it’s pretty spectacular. Calling all aspiring rappers — please sample this.