Sure, puppies are cute, but they’re also quite complex. At TEDxZurich, systems scientist Nicolas Perony uses YouTuber Robert Gann’s Scottie Pinwheel to show how complex social structures emerge from a group of individuals following a common rule (here: keep access to milk).

Watch Nicolas’s talk to understand more about the simple rules that drive some of the astoundingly complex social behavior of other animals — like bats and meerkats.

Watch the whole talk here»

And now … the animals of TEDx:

Top row: Momo at TEDxYouth@NickelCity.
Second row:
Gracie poses with the red TEDx at TEDxNicosia; Dave the cat checks out illustrator Joe Moore’s TEDxSoMa notes (Photo: Joe Moore); Michelle Phillips shows off her dog at TEDxWhitehorse.
Third row: Marbles helps prep for TEDxTopaTopa (Photo: Jodi Womack); A canine friend at TEDxShanghai (Photo: Lawrence Yang)
Last row:
Samantha helps Phil Tedeschi with his talk on the importance of the human-animal connection at TEDxDU. (Photo: the University of Denver)