TEDxParkvilleWomen began with a chance meeting in the Doha airport. I was halfway through the long journey home to Australia after 5 months overseas, during which I had traveled from Slovenia to Spain, Croatia to Canada. TEDTalks had been my playlist throughout the journey.

Accustomed to starting conversations with fellow travelers after being on my own for months, I couldn’t resist commenting on the TED sticker on the laptop of the only other person in the airport coffee shop. The owner turned out to be Ramzi Jaber, organizer of TEDxRamallah, Palestine’s first TEDx event.

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Portrait of Doha, Qatar

Our photographer James Duncan Davidson shares this beautiful video, with this introduction:

If you’ve been following along my blog, you’ve seen a lot of mentions of scouting locations and a lot of photo for a project I’ve been working on. This short video is the next evolution of that project. It’s not done yet, but this is a good moment in time to show the work. It was just screened in the main theater at TEDxSummit 2012 and I was so very proud that people greeted the vistas and views that they’ve seen before with whoops and applause. Totally awesome.

Find more amazing Doha images from Duncan Davidson: http://duncandavidson.com/blog/

TEDxSummit 2012 activities, a preview

The TEDxSummit 2012 in Doha, Qatar next April will be an incredible program of collaboration and workshops exclusively for TEDx Organizers.  

As the week-long summit draws closer, there will be more details of the schedule and content, but in the meantime we wanted to share some of the event’s amazing activities TEDx’ers can take part in.

These activities are scheduled for April 15th and April 16th, with TEDxSummit 2012 kicking off the evening of Monday, April 16 and are subject to change: 

  • Private tours of the incredible Museum of Islamic Art (www.mia.org.qa/english) and Mathaf Arab Museum of Modern Art (www.mathaf.org.qa
  • Visit to Sheikh Faisal Museum, one of the most interesting collection of objects in the world 
  • Experience camel racing up close 
  • Visit multi-million dollar Arabian horses at the Qatar Equestrian Club 
  • Visit to Al Khor to see country boats built by craftsmen 
  • Private tour of the Al Zubara fort in northern Qatar by archaeologists working on the site 
  • Dune bashing in the desert with trained 4x4 drivers flying off 130- foot sand dunes 
  • Swim in the Inland Sea, an incredible site poised for UNESCO World Heritage Status 
  • Ride speed boats, jet ski and other activities in the Arabian Sea 
  • Behind the scenes tour of a natural gas plant — see where all the energy comes from 
  • Stop by the Qatar MotoGP track for some high-speed fun 
  • Tour the incredible Souq Waqif in Doha, an old-style Arabian market 
  • Ride classic dhow fishing boats around the Doha waterfront 

Written by the TEDx team in Doha, Qatar.