The travel playlist: Around the world in 5 TEDx Talks

image A gorgeous landscape in Afghanistan, documented by TEDx speaker James Willcox

As school starts, the weather turns cold, and long walks become harder to handle, pangs of wanderlust are sure to set in again. So to celebrate World Tourism Day, we thought we’d bring the great wide world to you. Here, we’ve hand picked five talks that take you all over the world — from Palestine to Poland — so you can travel vicariously through TEDx.

The road less traveled: Tony Wheeler at TEDxQueenstown
In the travel talk to end all travel talks, Tony Wheeler, founder of Lonely Planet, waxes poetic about the adventure of travel — in Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Albania, Libya, Myanmar, the Congo, Palestine, Zimbabwe and beyond — with gorgeous photos to boot.

A new look at an old country: Mark Power at TEDxKrakow
Sent to Poland to photograph the country in 2004, just before it joined the European Union, Mark Power found himself coming back again and again. This photographic tour de force at TEDxKrakow will show you the true complexity of this fascinating country. Warning: NSFW, some graphic images.

More than a thousand words — the power of images: Antonio Bolfo at TEDxEast
NYPD police officer and photographer Antonio Bolfo has seen a lot in his career. In this dynamic talk at TEDxEast, he shows how a well-crafted photo can tell a rich, inspiring story — with examples from the 2010 Haiti earthquake and the daily work of NYPD officers.

Off-road tours in Afghanistan: James Willcox at TEDxBathUniversity
James Wilcox operates a very untraditional tour company in Afghanistan and Somalia, giving tourists a chance to see the real places behind the headlines. In this talk at TEDxBathUniversity, he describes how he was inspired to start this off-road initiative after a chance meeting with a UN translator named Abdul.

Scenes from a Romanian village: Katy Fox at TEDxLuxembourgCity
Social anthropologist Katy Fox spent several months as a researcher in rural Romania. At TEDxLuxembourgCity, she shows what she learned — weaving stories of the people she met in the villages with stunning photos of village life.

(Photo from James Willcox’s talk at TEDxBathUniversity)

Highlights from TEDxYouth@Reghin

Five amazing young people were the speakers at TEDxYouth@Reghin, a TEDxYouthDay event themed “Make a Choice.” People probably wondered how these speakers, at such a young age, managed to provide the audience with real life lessons! As they shared some of their recipes for success, they brought energy, enthusiasm, and joy to the audience.

For three hours, the young spectators were silent, with their eyes focused on the stage. Over the course of the event, the guests were shown that their own ideas, spoken with passion, can be brought to life by vocation, enthusiasm, hard work and strong will.

The first part of the show was opened by a young band of artists called Sofar, who warmed the atmosphere while cold outdoors was unbearable. Then the speakers began. Here are some highlights:

Kristof Lajos: “Immorality and a lack of sensitivity destroy us, and then destroy the natural environment.” Lajos believes that a tragic event in history should forever live in human consciousness so that we can learn from it rather than ignore it, and create a positive world for our children.

Pera Novacovici: “It’s all about having an incentive, no matter what the weather is outside.” Novacovici, as a child, was one of the best piano players in his age group. He pursued this passion thanks to his grandfather’s encouragement.

Marcel Cremene says that we need a massive change in mentalities and ideals in our education system. He believes that creativity must stay alive in the instructive educational process.  

Razvan Marc talked about his travels in an exciting speech that made the audience run off to imaginary places, where strange mountains, sun, and air have the power to heal. Marc believes that when we travel, we need to study the culture, customs, and people of a place.

Written by Sorin Suciu, TEDxYouth@Reghin Organizer 

The birth of TEDxReghin

We are very happy to announce that another TEDx event is taking place in Romania in the idyllic land of Reghin — TEDxReghin.

How did it all start?

You know that we (TEDxTimisoara) have a true passion for spreading ideas, for TED and for the TEDx community.

Our founder — Vlad Fiscutean — started to empower local leaders in different cities of our country to organize their own local TEDx events. The first breakthrough happened in April 2011 after more then one year of meetings and discussions with local leaders. A new TEDx event was born in the idylic land of Reghin — internationally known as “The City of Violins”.

Why Reghin?

Because it’s a city with a very active community of people. It’s known worldwide for it’s amazing hand-crafted violins. It’s the kind of place that many would love to see and would fall in love with. It’s the place where art meets modern science. One of the very last places on earth where you can still find luthiers even today that combine the old art of making string instruments with the advantages of modern science.

Reghin is a city and municipality in Mureş county in Romania, on the Mureş River in Transylvania. It is the place of origin of the Sasregen Hasidic Jewish dynasty. It has a population of approximately 35,700. Reghin was first mentioned in 1228 in a charter of Hungarian King Andrew II as Regun – however, evidence of its strategic location and defence system suggests that the town might have been considerably older.

Behind TEDxReghin is a local team of amazing people and local leaders including Organizer Sorin Suciu and Klaus Birthler.

TEDx Timişoara will remain involved in the event by supporting the community and sharing logistic resources, advice and know-how. This bridge between the Banat region and Transylvania is full of opportunities!

Written by TEDxTimisoara team