Farming ideas at Colombia’s first rural-minded TEDx


Guatavita, a small town in the heart of rural Colombia was the home of the first TEDx event in Colombia focused primarily on issues facing rural areas, TEDxGuatavita. Themed, Hay Campo en el Campo, which in English roughly translates to, "there is space and opportunities within rural areas," TEDxGuatavita’s ideas filled up their stage almost as much as the haystacks.

"It took us 7 months to prepare TEDxGuatavita," said organizer Felipe Spath. Many residents of Guatavita had never heard of TED before. “It was a great challenge to express the nature of an event of this kind, and the immense opportunities deriving from it…We had to meet several times with [groups] to explain what TEDx was all about, choose the speakers, and prepare the [talks]. At the end, eleven speakers where chosen, eleven ideas which can inspire people from rural areas, and the city, to create sustainable models at the countryside,” he said.

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