Ideas worth spreading & mugs worth filling: We can’t get enough of this video of TEDxJeddah's super cool event swag — a seemingly regular coffee mug that transforms when filled with hot liquid, a.k.a. the TEDx version of Clark Kent in a phone booth.

Fitting in with the event’s theme,  iجدة_الحلم #عندي_فكرة — or in English — “The idea; the dream,” the mug visualizes ideas being put into the world, showing that a good idea, dream, or brainstorm has great potential to create change (with style). Check it out!

TEDxJeddah is just one of the many TEDx events sending good ideas out into the universe. To learn more about TEDx events (and find one near you to attend) visit our website.

Afternoon video break (this time in Arabic!): Take a ride through the city of Riyadah, Saudi Arabia with this super cool event trailer made by the TEDxRiyadh team.

Over 130 volunteers came together to make TEDxRiyadh a success. For those of you who don’t speak Arabic, here’s the English translation of the video’s text:

More than 22 speakers

More than 130 volunteers

More than 26 team members

All of them … gathered … to share ideas worth spreading!

(Video credit: Abdullah Al-Ahmari)