TEDxWomen: The Conversation Continues

Last year’s TEDWomen has inspired an ambitious TEDx event — TEDxWomen, a one-day bi-coastal event held in NY and LA on December 1, independently organized and hosted by Pat Mitchell and The Paley Center for Media. 

Speakers including Barbara Walters, singer-songwriter Morley, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Jane Fonda, Gloria Steinem and documentarion Jennifer Siebel Newsom will convene under the theme “The Conversation Continues”.

Communities around the world can bring this global conversation local by hosting a TEDx viewing event around TEDxWomen.

Last year, 117 TEDx events in 46 countries — including the United States, Colombia, Singapore, South Africa and Brazil —  were held around the TEDWomen webcast. Speakers at these local events included a pair of Dutch opera singers, an Olympic silver medalist and a Disney-trained animator from the UAE.

Be a part of this ongoing conversation around the future of women and girls — host a TEDx event around TEDxWomen. 

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